97 Things Every World of Warcraft Player Should Know is the tentative title of a planned upcoming book from O'Reilly Media compiling tips for World of Warcraft. It will be edited by George Pribul (Kirkburn on WoWWiki).

The ideaEdit

The book is based around a wiki which users contribute personal tips, which can then be rated up and down based on usefulness. The best tips will then be selected for inclusion in the book.

It differs from WoWWiki in that each tip is "owned" by the writer - you can suggest changes to tips, but you do not edit the tips of others. In addition, the writer of each chosen tip gets his name and a short biography in the book.

Getting involvedEdit

At the moment, editing is generally restricted to people who are reading about it WoWWiki - a more public launch will come later when more tips are ready on the site.

If you would like to start a contribution, please do - you can read more detailed information on the 97 things wiki.

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