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A Dark Covenant
A Dark Covenant
Conflict: Curse of the Blood Elves
Date: 25
Place: Lordamere Lake, Dalaran
Outcome: Alliance victory; expulsion of Blood Elves from Alliance
  • Moderate
  • Dalvengyr
  • Almost entire Undead force
This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and official bonus maps.

A Dark Covenant is chapter 2 of Curse of the Blood Elves in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

After the previous battle, Garithos returned to the front, while Kael awaited for orders. The next day Garithos sent an Emissary that ordered all of Kael's cavalry, artillery and support troops to pull back to the west at the Front Line, leaving Kael and his Blood Elves virtually defenseless. The large Undead force, commanded by the dreadlord Dalvengyr, quickly overran the Blood Elves' outlying bases; Kael and his warriors were surrounded and they didn't know what to do, but then Vashj and the Naga appeared, in desperation, Kael again entered in a pact with Vashj. With the aid of the Naga, the Blood Elves defended their last base and turned the tide against the Undead. First they recovered one of their outlying bases with a gold mine. They continued fighting the Undead and retook the other outlying bases one by one. Finally, the Blood Elves and Naga stormed Dalvengyr's base, slew the dreadlord, and obliterated his remaining forces.

Kael thanked Vashj for her aid, but feared that he had incurred the wrath of Garithos. Vashj encouraged Kael to abandon his prejudiced human commander and lead his people to a destiny of power and glory. Kael then told Vashj that ever since Quel'Thalas had been destroyed, he and his people had been suffering from a strange, unexplainable hunger. Vashj explained that this hunger was brought about by their addiction to magic. Now that the Sunwell had been destroyed, Kael and his people had been cut off from their ancient source of power. Kael was horrified. Without a new source of magic, his people were doomed to an existence of mortality. Vashj suggested that Kael seek out demon magic. Kael balked at this idea but before they could go any further, Kael learned that Garithos was returning from the front. Kael told Vashj to leave before Garithos saw them.

With the bulk of the Alliance troops on his side, Garithos had been able to force the enemy into retreat; however, returning to Dalaran he and his knights spotted several Naga warriors slithering to safety, and, infuriated, he accused Kael and his men of being traitors. Kael tried to explain his actions, but Garithos ignored him and had Kael and all of his Blood Elves arrested and jailed in Dalaran's dungeons to await execution.

Lady Vashj and her Naga minions watched all this in hiding.


The outline bases are destroyed.
Dalvengyr is defeated.