• Alchemist's Stone
  • Item Level 90Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Trinket
  • +15 Spirit
    +15 Agility
    +15 Intellect
    +15 Strength
    +15 Stamina
  • Requires Alchemy (350)
  • Equip: Increases the effect that healing and mana potions have on the wearer by 40%. This effect does not stack.
  • Sell Price: 2g 50s
Alchemist's Stone from Crafting Redemption set

An Alchemist's Stone is an improved version of the [Philosopher's Stone], and despite lacking similar flavour text, it also fulfills the requirement for performing Transmutations.

There are alternate versions of the Alchemist's Stone listed in a related section below.


This item is made by Alchemists with a skill level of 350, and can only be equipped by Alchemists of the same skill level.

Materials needed
1x [Philosopher's Stone] 1x Earthstorm Diamond
1x [Skyfire Diamond] 2x [Fel Lotus]
5x [Primal Might]

The recipe is sold by Almaador in Shattrath City for 8g. You need to be revered with the Sha'tar.

Alternate Alchemist's StonesEdit


  • Crafting this item requires an Alchemy Lab.
  • If the alchemist did the transmutes for the diamonds and [Primal Might] himself, the item would take seven days to make, due to the 20 hour cooldowns on the Primal Might and the 20 hour cooldown on the two diamonds. Alchemists with the Transmute specialization may be able to make it more quickly, however.
  • Note that it is +40% to healing potions and mana potions, not +40% to healing done.
  • To save money on [Primal Water] alchemist can transform [Recipe: Transmute Primal Earth to Water]

The usefulness of this item becomes more obvious when put into comparison with a regular +XX mana every 5 seconds bonus effect. Consider a long boss fight where you have to spend several [Super Mana Potions] each time their cooldown (2 min) allows for. As the mana potion will normally replenish an average of 2400 mana and another 960 more with this Stone equipped, this basically translates into the equivalent of +40 mana every 5 seconds. However, since patch 3.0.2 potion cooldown does not start until combat is over, making the stone considerably less useful.

Using this trinket in conjunction with [Fel Mana Potion] grants a restoration of 4480 mana over time at the cost of a slight debuff. Also notable is the [Fel Regeneration Potion] where the debuff will negate the stat bonus of the trinket in exchange for 4480 health restored over time.

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