An Apexis Shard is a slivered fragment of an [Apexis Crystal]. It drops from all creatures and Ethereals in Blade's Edge Mountains near Ogri'la and Bash'ir's Landing. They are also a reward from the following quests:

You can also get them from Apexis Shard Formations in northern and western Blade's Edge Mountains.

As a quest objectiveEdit

As currencyEdit

Neutral [70] 17px Jho'nass <Ogri'la Quartermaster>, Neutral [70] Aether-tech Masters, Neutral [70] Aether-tech Adepts (sells some rare gems), and Neutral [70] Aether-tech Assistants (sells special unstable flasks) will sell items given the correct reputation and the appropriate number of Apexis Shards and Apexis Crystals.

Rep Item Cost Type
  [Crystal Healing Potion] 50 16px 40s Potion
[Crystal Mana Potion] 50 16px 40s Potion
Honored [Blue Ogre Brew] 3 16px Potion
[Red Ogre Brew] 2 16px Potion
Revered [Apexis Cloak] 1 16px50 16px Cloak
[Crystalforged Trinket] 1 16px50 16px Trinket
[Ogri'la Aegis] 1 16px50 16px Shield
[Cerulean Crystal Rod] 1 16px50 16px Wand
Exalted [Crystalline Crossbow] 4 16px100 16px Crossbow
[Crystal Orb of Enlightenment] 4 16px100 16px Off-hand
[Shard-bound Bracers] 4 16px100 16px Leather
[Vortex Walking Boots] 4 16px100 16px Plate
[Ogri'la Tabard] 10 16px Tabard
Aether-tech Assistant
Item Price Type
Unstable Flask of the Bandit10 16pxFlask
Unstable Flask of the Elder10 16pxFlask
Unstable Flask of the Physician10 16pxFlask
Unstable Flask of the Soldier10 16pxFlask
Aether-tech Adept
Item Cost Type
Unstable Amethyst40 16pxGem
Unstable Citrine40 16pxGem
Unstable Peridot40 16pxGem
Unstable Sapphire40 16pxGem
Unstable Talasite40 16pxGem
Unstable Topaz40 16pxGem
Aether-tech Master
Item Cost Type
Imbued Unstable Diamond160 16pxGem
Potent Unstable Diamond160 16pxGem
Accelerator Module35 16pxJunk
Large Copper Metamorphosis Geode4 16pxJunk
Large Gold Metamorphosis Geode4 16pxJunk
Large Iron Metamorphosis Geode4 16pxJunk
Large Silver Metamorphosis Geode4 16pxJunk
Small Copper Metamorphosis Geode3 16pxJunk
Small Gold Metamorphosis Geode3 16pxJunk
Small Iron Metamorphosis Geode3 16pxJunk
Small Silver Metamorphosis Geode3 16pxJunk

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Apexis Shards are used for a multitude of quests and items, including the following:

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