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Mall:WorldEvent/Scourge Invasion

Source & EffectEdit

Argent War Horn is a rare quality trinket bought from an Argent Quartermaster during the Scourge Invasion pre-WotLK event for 40 16px. It will summon a mounted Argent Knight to fight by your side for 30 seconds before it humorously bubble-hearths to despawn, regardless of what it was previously doing. This effect has a 10 minute cooldown.


The Argent Knight has 2442 health. It will occasionally cast Holy Shock and Crusader Strike, hitting for 80-120 and critting around 160-400 damage.

You can heal your Argent Knight also, without being PVP flagged.

Patches changesEdit

TBC/WotLK Patch 3.0.2 (patch date::14-Oct-2008): Added 

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