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Race race::Dragon (Dragonkin)
Level NPC level::?? Boss
Health 97,980,000 (25-man)32,638,000 (10-man)
Location The Athenaeum, Blackwing Descent
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Atramedes the Blind Dragon is a boss of Blackwing Descent raid instance.

It has been reported that since Patch 4.0.6, Atramedes might be bugged. Several runs had to deal with the bugs and some did not encounter any bugs at all.

Possible bugs at this time:

  • Increased sound levels on normal mode to 12 instead of 7.
  • Gongs not reseting sound levels for more information see WoW Forum


You will have a 'sound bar' in this encounter. If it hits 100 Atramedes will aggro and kill you! (And kill you, yes even if you are the tank.)

Thwack one of the ancient dwarven shields around the room to cause Vertigo to Atramedes. This resets everyone's sound to zero. He will destroy it when he recovers.

  • 32px  [Vertigo]ω ϖ—The Resonating Clash has sent the target into a state of Vertigo, increasing damage taken by 50% for 5 sec.

Ground Phase 80 seconds.

  • 32px  [Sonar Pulse]ω ϖ—Sends discs of sonic energy flying around the room. If touched inflicts 5850 to 6150 Arcane damage and adds seven sound.
  • 32px  [Sonic Breath]ω ϖ—Cast at the highest sound player. Does 15,000 damage per second and adds 20 sound per second. Follows the player faster the higher their sound is.
  • 32px  [Modulation]ω ϖ—The Blind Dragon begins to Modulate, increasing the Sound of all enemies by 7 and inflicting 39000 to 41000 Shadow damage. Damage increased by your sound bar.
  • 32px  [Searing Flame]ω ϖ—The blindly aimed flames inflict 15062 to 15438 Fire damage every 1 sec and increases Fire damage taken by 25% per stack. Applied 8 times over 8 seconds. Adds 13-15 sound. Interrupt this with Vertigo.
  • 32px  [Devastation]ω ϖ—The Dragon finds his target, inflicting devastating Fire damage on them until target's death.

Air Phase 40 seconds.

  • 32px  [Roaring Flame Breath]ω ϖ—Cast at the highest sound player. Does 15,000 damage per second and adds 20 sound per second. Follows the player faster the higher their sound is. This time it keeps speeding up, and you will want to use a shield to stop it. After the vertigo he will follow the player who hit the shield.
  • 32px  [Sonar Pulse]ω ϖ—Sends discs of sonic energy flying around the room. If touched inflicts 5850 to 6150 Arcane damage and adds seven sound.
  • 32px  [Sonar Bomb]ω ϖ—The Sonar Bomb inflicts 30000 Arcane damage to enemies within 8 yards and allows Atramedes to hear the targets more easily! Adds thirty sound.
  • 32px  [Sonic Fireball]ω ϖ—29250 to 30750 Fire damage to enemies within 6 yards of the impact.
  • 32px  [Roaring Flames]ω ϖ—Atramedes scatters flame patches across the room. The Reverberating Flames inflict 14625 to 15375 Fire damage and an additional 7800 to 8200 Fire damage every 1 sec for 4 sec. Additionally the Reverberating Flames increase sound by five.


This encounter revolves around the Sound Bar mechanic. All of Atramedes' abilities cause their target's sound bar to increase, and when 100% sound is reached Atramedes will begin hitting them for 30-50k fire damage per second until they die. Atramedes two targeted abilities, Sonic Breath and Flame Breath, are both typically used on the player with the highest sound.

There are ten 'gongs' around the room that can be interacted with, using them will reset every raid member's sound to zero and stun Atramedes for 5 seconds. However when they are used Atramedes will become extremely upset with them and burn them to ash, so they can only be used once each. For most raids, gongs are used on a pace of one per ground phase (to interrupt Searing Flames) and one per air phase (to reset the kite path).

Ground PhaseEdit

During the ground phase, the main objective is to avoid Sonar Pulse. Several discs will spawn in the center of Atramedes and fly out towards random players. Players should avoid getting hit by these discs in order to avoid increasing their sound. Twice during the ground phase, Atramedes will cast Sonic Breath on the player randomly. This player should come close Atramedes while running away from Sonic Breath in one direction to reduce movement distance; all other players run in the other direction.

Finally, Atramedes will cast Searing Flames. The moment he begins casting, a fire AoE pulse will activate, dealing damage to the raid and placing a few fire patches on the ground. The gong should be immediately rung once he begins casting. (ranged preferably) This resets sound along with interrupting Searing Flames.

Air PhaseEdit


As soon as the dragon starts flying, he'll start breathing fire all over the ground. This fire will follow targeted player. This is difficult to avoid as it moves about as fast as your character can run. In addition, sonar pulses will start to spawn underneath all members in the raid—which will increase everyone's sound level. Once the fire breath almost catch up with the targeted player, you should ring a gong to stun him. Then Atramedes changes target and found the gong, breath starts following the player who ring a gong until air phase end or ringing the other gong.

This phase is very short—so you're probably safe to just run around until it's over, and try to leave your tank and melee dps a clear path to get back in range of the boss when he lands.


On normal, there's a soft enrage in which the raid runs out of gongs to hit. Patch 4.0.6 introduces a 10-minute hard berserk for the heroic difficulty of this encounter.


Normal Mode

Heroic Mode


Images of Lord Victor Nefarius, Maloriak, and a whelping appear before the group.
Lord Victor Nefarius: Ah Maloriak how gracious of you to finally appear from that quarantine you call a laboratory. What have you got this time?
Maloriak: My sincerest apologies for the disturbance, my liege. But I believe I have something you may be very interested in!
Lord Victor Nefarius: By all means, enlighten me.
Maloriak: Yes, yes!
Maloriak: By extracting agents from the blood of various dragonflights I have created a salve that bestow the wearer sight beyond sight!
Maloriak: Sense beyond this realm of mortality!
Maloriak: Atramedes! Your master beckons.
The whelp, Atramedes moves forward.
Maloriak: I present to you experiment number 25463-D!
Maloriak uses his salve on Atramedes, causing the whelp to glow orange before becoming disoriented.
Lord Victor Nefarius: It appears as though your experiment has failed. That whelp has gone completely blind! Look at him.
Lord Victor Nefarius: LOOK AT HIM!
Maloriak: How could this be!? I will dispose of him immediately!
Lord Victor Nefarius: No, not yet.
Lord Victor Nefarius: This object of your chagrin may still prove... valuable... to me.
Lord Victor Nefarius: Leave now, pathetic alchemist. I anxiously await your next failure.
Maloriak: Yes, my lord
The images fade away.

  • I have no need for eyes to see my enemies. Your clumsy footsteps and foul stench give you away!
Searing Flame
  • You cannot hide from Searing Flame!
Air Phase
  • Yes, run! With every step your heartbeat quickens. The beating... loud and thunderous, almost deafening! You cannot escape!
Killing a player
  • Sighted, but blind to the truth. Embrace the finality of it all!
  • Death waits in the darkness!
  • This miserable existence finally ends...


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