Baby Blizzard Bear summons Baby Blizzard Bear, a baby polar bear companion sent to all World of Warcraft players who logged into the game on November 23, 2008 to celebrate Pilt:Money achievement.png WoW's 4th Anniversary. It is likely that a polar bear was chosen to also celebrate WoW's foray into the live Wrath of the Lich King content. This pet binds to your account, so you can mail it to your other characters on the same server. Each existing character will receive the pet in the mail, so you can delete it from your bags after you have "trained" the bear into your Pets/Companions tab. Keep one for future characters if you wish.

Accompanying letterEdit

Those who signed on during the anniversary received an in-game mail from The WoW Dev Team:

WoW's 4th Anniversary!

Did you know that the World of Warcraft is now four years old?

We wanted to send you something to say thanks for sharing this game with us. Sure, the 4th anniversary present is traditionally "flowers"... but in WoW, it's "bear".

With that said, please accept this furry little friend! Just remember to hold his fish by the tail, not the body... that mouth is bigger than it looks.

The WoW Dev Team

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