Blacksmith Abasi
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Title <Title::Ramkahen Quartermaster>
Gender Gender::Male
Race race::Ramkahen (humanoid)
Level NPC level::83
Health 53,681
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Ramkahen
Location Ramkahen, Uldum
See Pilt:Icon-3D-48x48.png

Blacksmith Abasi is the Ramkahen Quartermaster located at Ramkahen{{#vardefine:map |{{#vardefine:instance

|}}InstanceMap-{{#var:instance}}.jpg }}{{#vardefine:x |54 }}{{#vardefine:y |33.2 }}[[:File:{{#var:map}}|[{{#var:x}}, {{#var:y}}]]] in Uldum.

Items sold Edit

Blacksmith Abasi
<Ramkahen Quartermaster>
Item Cost Type
Friendly [Tabard of Ramkahen] 1g Tabard
Honored [Ammunae's Blessing] 21g 37s 37c Ring (caster)
[Belt of the Stargazer] 36g 43s 13c Mail Waist (agility)
[Drystone Greaves] 63g 40s 12c Plate Feet (caster)
[Shroud of the Dead] 36g 16s 54c Cloak (Strength)
Revered [Arcanum of the Ramkahen] 150g Augment (agility)
[Quicksand Belt] 30g 1s 66c Leather Waist (agility)
[Red Rock Band] 21g 37s 37c Ring (strength)
[Robes of Orsis] 50g 77s 7c Cloth Chest (caster)
[Sash of Prophecy] 35g 88s 20c Mail Waist (spirit)
Exalted [Desert Walker Sandals] 50g 53s 1c Cloth Feet (caster)
[Gift of Nadun] 21g 37s 37c Necklace (strength)
[Sandguard Bracers] 59g 6s 50c Plate Wrist (tank)
[Sun King's Girdle] 58g 84s 14c Plate Waist (spirit)
[Reins of the Brown Riding Camel] 100g Mount
[Reins of the Tan Riding Camel] 100g Mount

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