• Blindweed
  • Item Level 47Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 3s 75c

Blindweed is a Herb that can be gathered by Herbalists. Requires 235 Herbalism to gather.

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Blindweed can be found near stagnant water, mostly in Swamp of Sorrows and Darkmist Ruins and Verdantis River region, and in limited amounts in Un'Goro Crater, Zangarmarsh, and Maraudon.

Pickable Zones Edit

  • Swamp of Sorrows 79.0% (*)
    • As of 12-21-2010, this seems out of date. Spent ~ 1hour in Swamp of Sorrows, finding loads of Golden Sansan and Sorrowmoss, but not a single Blindweed.
    • Swamp of Sorrows was the place for blindweed in the past, there is now a huge amount at the edges of the water around the Dream Bough in northern Feralas and in Darkmist Ruins and Verdantis River region in southern Feralas (very high respawn rate).
    • There seems to be much more Blindweed in Swamp of Sorrows now.
  • Un'Goro Crater 13.3%
  • Maraudon 4.1%
  • Zangarmarsh 3.6%

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