For the harpy group with the same name, see Bloodfeather harpies.

Bloodfeather was a ruthless harpy of the Barrens, who led her sisters to ruin many innocent wanderers of the Barrens of Kalimdor.


Warcraft III: The Frozen ThroneEdit

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Her territory was called into question, however, when Thrall established Orgrimmar in the newly founded nation of Durotar. Bloodfeather assaulted many of the caravans which sought to bring in supplies from outlying colonies, and soon, Nazgrel, Thrall's chief of security, could have no more of it. Nazgrel was approached by Rexxar, who he told to find and kill Bloodfeather, and as proof, show her crystal heart to Nazgrel.

When Bloodfeather was approached by Rexxar and his followers, she laughed, saying that she was not afraid of the foolish orcs, and that she would not be driven from her land. Rexxar agreed, saying that she would die here.

Bloodfeather was killed, and Rexxar was rewarded for his trouble. Bloodfeather's heart was a powerful artifact in and of itself.

Bloodfeather's HeartEdit

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This multifaceted, blood-red ruby seems to shine with an inner glow. Anyone grasping it firmly feels a kind of suffusing warmth, as if everything will be all right with the world. In darkness, the glow produces a reddish light that illuminates a five foot area around the gem, but only so long as it is held by a living creature. According to stories, the first of these jewels was created using the heart of a powerful gryphon that once served a dwarf-king, but this is likely just a rumor.

So long as the owner keeps the heart in his possession, he earns an enhancement to his agility. In addition, once per day, the gem can be held in open hand and commanded to fly. The jewel takes its owner along for the ride, but he may not use anything in that hand while flying, including weapons or shields. M&M 141

World of WarcraftEdit

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Bloodfeather is the name of a tribe of harpies that occupy a region of Teldrassil, whilst Serena Bloodfeather, the leader of the Witchwing, is her sister.

Statistics from Warcraft III[citation needed] Edit

  • 1400 HP
  • 600 MP
  • 65-73 chaos air damage
  • 2 heavy armor
  • Abilities
    • Bloodlust (Increases friendly units' attack rate and movement speed)
    • Faerie Fire (Reduces target enemy unit's armor and makes them visible)
    • Firebolt (Hurls a fiery bolt that stuns an enemy unit)