• Bloodstone
  • Item Level 75Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 25s
  • Vendor 1g
This article is about the uncommon gem. For other uses, see Bloodstone (disambiguation).

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This item is required for the following quests:

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Bloodstone is used in the following recipes:




Bloodstone, match Pilt:UI-EmptySocket-Red.png red sockets.
Gem Effects
Bold Bloodstone +12 Strength
Bright Bloodstone +24 Attack Power
Delicate Bloodstone +12 Agility
16px [Flashing Bloodstone] +12 Parry Rating
Fractured Bloodstone +12 Armor Penetration
Precise Bloodstone +12 Expertise Rating
Runed Bloodstone +14 Spell Power
Subtle Bloodstone +12 Dodge Rating
Bloodstone, match Pilt:UI-EmptySocket-Red.png red sockets.
Gem Effects
Perfect Bold Bloodstone +14 Strength
Perfect Bright Bloodstone +28 Attack Power
Perfect Delicate Bloodstone +14 Agility
16px [Perfect Flashing Bloodstone] +14 Parry Rating
Perfect Fractured Bloodstone +14 Armor Penetration
Perfect Precise Bloodstone +14 Expertise Rating
Perfect Runed Bloodstone +16 Spell Power
Perfect Subtle Bloodstone +14 Dodge Rating

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