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The Bloodwarders are an elite fighting force of blood elves loyal to Prince Kael'thas (with one major exception). Their greatest numbers are within Kael's seat of power within Tempest Keep. They are led by Commander Sarannis in the Botanica. However, Bloodwarder troops are found within the Mechanar and the Eye as well. A handful of other blood elven forces in Outland have troops among their number known as Bloodwarders. In these situations, the Bloodwarders are usually blood knights clad in heavy crimson armor and wielding swords and spears. Those Bloodwarders found beyond Tempest Keep are counted among the Sunfury, Eclipsion, and Firewing groups of blood elves. Of all the Bloodwarders, the Eclipsion are the only group that are disloyal to Kael'thas, and have instead cast their lot with the Illidari.

Note Edit

Usage often implies it might be the name of a group loyal to Kael, while other uses suggest that it might be a title among a few groups.

Bloodwarder (Title)Edit

Bloodwarders (Organization)Edit

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