Neutral Boulderfist clan
Main leaderLantresor of the Blade
Race(s)Half-orc half-draenei, ogre, ogre mage
Base of operationsBoulderfist Hall, Boulderfist Outpost, Burning Blade Ruins, Bleeding Hollow Ruins
Theater of operationsArathi Highlands, Nagrand

The Boulderfist clan[citation needed] is a clan of ogres that live throughout the Arathi Highlands in Azeroth and Nagrand in Outland (hinting that it may have parted when the Dark Portal closed at the end of the Second War).

Their main bases on Azeroth include Boulder'gor and Boulderfist Hall; they also control a significant portion of present-day Stromgarde.

On Outland, a large contingent of Boulderfist ogres roam throughout Nagrand (clefts of Halaa, Burning Blade Ruins, and the hills northwest of Kil'sorrow Fortress) and parts of Terokkar Forest (Bleeding Hollow Ruins). Their leader is a half-orc half-draenei quest giver named Lantresor of the Blade. A six-part quest chain involves Lantresor and either the Telaar or Mag'har settlement, depending on your faction.


Known membersEdit

Pilt:Neutral 15.pngPilt:IconSmall Ogre Male2.gif Kor'gresh Coldrage Alive Boulderfist Hall, Arathi Highlands
Pilt:Neutral 15.pngOgre male Kovork Alive Boulderfist Outpost, Arathi Highlands
Pilt:Neutral 15.pngOgre male Krol Leader (Penultimate) Unknown
Pilt:Neutral 15.pngHalfDraenei male Lantresor of the Blade Leader (Last) Alive Burning Blade Ruins, Nagrand
Pilt:Neutral 15.pngOgre male Lump Alive Nagrand
Pilt:Neutral 15.pngOgre male Molok the Crusher Alive Boulderfist Outpost, Arathi Highlands
Pilt:Neutral 15.pngPilt:IconSmall Ogre Male2.gif Unkor the Ruthless Alive Bleeding Hollow Ruins, Terokkar Forest

World of WarcraftEdit

One of the realms in World of Warcraft is named after the Boulderfist clan.

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