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During the Noblegarden event, players can find Brightly Colored Eggs scattered around Azeroth. Often they have a treat inside!

Unlike many groundspawns, the eggs cannot be found by dwarf characters using Find Treasure.

Finding eggs Edit

Eggs are located within the boundaries of the level 5 starting areas for each race. Eggs are usually hidden in alcoves, corners, in bushes or under objects, although occasionally they are "hidden in plain sight" on top of signposts or the like.

A set number of eggs are available at a given time; when one is harvested, another spawns in a new location. The spawns are not in a fixed order and the large number of available locations makes camping less effective than doing circuits.

The Egg Basket only works in areas where eggs can be found, and so can be used as a rough way to tell where the boundaries are.

Contains Edit

Additionally, when on the quest B [??] The Great Egg Hunt, they will contain Brightly Colored Shell Fragment.

Egg locations Edit

Alliance Edit

  • Azure Watch - Semi-crowded, easy route to search for eggs, lots of spawn places
  • Dolanaar - Confusing route to look for eggs, low spawn rate
  • Goldshire - Crowded, but pretty high spawn rate
  • Kharanos - Semi-crowded, high spawn rate

Horde Edit

Patch changes Edit

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