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Title <Title::Godfather of Souls>
Gender Gender::Male
Race race::Human (Humanoid)
Level NPC level::82 Elite
Health 539,240
903,227 (Heroic)
Mana 166,000
Affiliation Scourge
Occupation Keeper of souls
Location Forge of Souls, Icecrown Citadel
Status Killable
See Pilt:Icon-3D-48x48.png

Bronjahm <Godfather of Souls> is the first boss of the Forge of Souls in Icecrown Citadel. Bronjahm is the keeper of the souls in the Forge; players must kill him to power down the forges and face the Devourer of Souls.


His death is the objective of the following quests:


  • 32px  [Magic's Bane]ω ϖ (Heroic modeω ϖ)—Slash in a circular arc, inflicting 2500 Physical damage to each target plus an additional amount equal to half the target's total mana. Cannot exceed 10,000 total damage. Instant. 5500 base/<15,000 total on Heroic
  • 32px  [Corrupt Soul]ω ϖ 50000 yd range—Attempts to corrupt a portion of the target's soul and separate it from the target's body. Instant. 4 second duration. Spawns a Corrupted Soul Fragment when the debuff wears off
    • 32px  [Consume Soul] (Heroic modeω ϖ)— Consumes a Corrupted Soul Fragment and heals Bronjahm for 120,000 health.
  • 32px  [Shadow Bolt] (Heroic modeω ϖ) 20 yd range—Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting Shadow damage. 1 sec cast. 2828-3173 Shadow Damage. Only cast when the tank is outside of melee range in phase 1, in soulstorm phase he ceases to attack with melee abilities.
  • 32px  [Teleport]ω ϖ—Teleports the caster to a Soul Tower. 0.6 sec cast. Cast at 30% health. To the center of the room before Soulstorm
  • 32px  [Soulstorm]ω ϖ—A swirling vortex of souls surrounds the caster, inflicting Shadow damage every second to targets over 10 yards away. 4 sec cast. Cast at 30% health. Lasts for 10 minutes. Players >10yd away are hit with...
    • 32px  [Soulstorm]ω ϖ (Heroic modeω ϖ)—Inflicts Shadow damage and reduces movement speed for 2 sec. 50% movement speed reduction. Deals 1000 damage. 2500 on Heroic
  • 32px  [Fear]ω ϖ—Fears an enemy for 3 sec. Only cast during the Soulstorm


Pilt:Bronjahm Kiting Diagram.png

Bronjahm casts Shadow Bolts at the party and also casts Corrupted Soul, a Drain Soul-like spell that creates a Corrupted Soul Fragment that heals Bronjahm as long as he is within range of it. He can be kited around the room to keep his distance from the fragment while the DPS destroys it. If a player begins getting Corrupted Soul cast on them, it is recommended that he or she run to the side of the platform opposite of the boss in order to maximize the distance the orb will have to travel. Ranged attackers should merely remain on the opposite side of the platform throughout this fight. The Corrupted Soul Fragment can be affected by crowd control techniques like snares and roots.

Pilt:Eye of the Soulstorm.jpg

At about 30%, Bronjahm teleports to the center of the room (where he will remain until defeated) and casts Soulstorm, a swirling magic AoE effect around the edge of the room. All party members are advised to stand in the middle when he teleports to avoid being caught in the Soulstorm. Hunters have to be especially careful as the five yard min range is in a very small ring in the eye itself. He will also fear members of the party into the Soulstorm, which will cause them to take excessive damage and slow their movement speed; healers should keep an eye on feared targets (in the event there is no shaman with a Tremor Totem) to make sure they live through the Soulstorm long enough to make their way back into the center. Switching one trinket before starting this fight with a Medallion of the Alliance[1][2][3][4] or Medallion of the Horde[1][2][3][4] to instantly remove Fear if it is cast on you is a good way to minimize damage taken from the Soulstorm.




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  • More souls to power the engine!
  • Finally...a captive audience!
Corrupt Soul
  • I will sever the soul from your body!
  • The vortex of the harvested calls to you!
Killing a player
  • Another soul to strengthen the host!
  • Fodder for the engine!
  • My soul for you, master.
  • Singing sounds, passing into dying sounds.


  • Bronjahm's combat sounds (e.g., while attacking, being critically hit) evoke the grunts and shouts often used by James Brown.[1]
  • His name (Bronjahm ---> Jahmbron), appearance, vocal clips, title <Godfather of Souls>, loot such as "Papa's Brand New Bag", and the music that plays during the encounter are clear and obvious references to the musician James Brown, who was nicknamed the "Godfather of Soul".
  • The music file which plays during Bronjahm's encounter is titled "Bronze Jam," and can be heard here, or with the script /run PlaySoundFile("sound\\music\\zonemusic\\icecrownraid\\ir_BronzeJam.mp3")
  • He appears to be voiced by Chris Metzen.[1]


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