Were you looking for Northrend blue gems?

These gems are specific to Cataclysm. See the following page for all Cataclysm gems by color.

Cataclysm blue gems provide the following bonuses:

Pilt:UI-EmptySocket-Blue.png Blue
Hit Rating Rigid
Spell Penetration Stormy
Spirit Sparkling
Stamina Solid

The following gems are cut into blue socket gems:

List of gems:

Blue, match Pilt:UI-EmptySocket-Blue.png Blue sockets.
Gem Effects Source Gem Effects Source
[Rigid Zephyrite] +30 Hit Rating Trainer [Sparkling Zephyrite] +30 Spirit Trainer
[Perfect Rigid Zephyrite] +35 Hit Rating Gem Perfection [Perfect Sparkling Zephyrite] +35 Spirit Gem Perfection
[Rigid Ocean Sapphire] +40 Hit Rating Vendor [Sparkling Ocean Sapphire] +40 Spirit Vendor
[Stormy Zephyrite] +38 Spell Penetration Drop [Solid Zephyrite] +45 Stamina Trainer
[Perfect Stormy Zephyrite] +44 Spell Penetration Gem Perfection [Perfect Solid Zephyrite] +53 Stamina Gem Perfection
[Stormy Ocean Sapphire] +50 Spell Penetration Vendor [Solid Ocean Sapphire] +60 Stamina Vendor