Champion's Seal is a reward from completing quests as a champion of the Argent Tournament. It is used as currency to purchase rewards from factional vendors with whom players have earned the right to champion. There are a number of daily quests that award seals.

One-time questsEdit

Daily questsEdit

Guaranteed dailiesEdit

2 random quests of eitherEdit

(Requires Crusader title and achievements unlocked)

2 random quests of eitherEdit

(Requires The Sunreavers/A Silver Confidant achievements unlocked)

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That gives a total of 17 guaranteed 16px Champion's Seals per day.

As currency Edit

Argent Tournament/Rewards

Budget for collectors Edit

As of Patch 4.0.1, you are guaranteed 17 seals per day (if you have unlocked the Crusader title) by doing all of the dailies and Trial of the Champion on heroic mode. If you do this every day, a complete collection of small pets and mounts will take you just over three months. Filling your bags with banners and tabards will increase that.

Tabard Collection Edit

Small Pet Collection Edit

While everything else is Bind on Pickup, all the vanity pets are Bind on Equip and can be bought off the auction house if one has the gold and would rather save the seals.

Ground Mount Collection Edit

Flying Mount Collection Edit

Complete TotalEdit

That is a full grand total of:

  • 2000g1565 Champion's Seal
  • Days required to collect seals at 17 seals per day: approximately 93

Patches and hotfixes Edit

WotLK Patch 3.1.0 (patch date::14-Apr-2009):  Added

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