The Core Hound Pup is a rare core hound companion.


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This item is mailed out to all characters on accounts that have a Blizzard Authenticator or Mobile Authenticator[1] attached, including accounts that are attached to an authenticator in the future. Apparently, it represents the Authenticator as being the 'guard dog' of your account.

Accompanying Letter


Please give a warm welcome to your new fiery, friendly core hound pup!

I'm so happy you could give this fiesty little fellow a home.

-- Breanni

Ownership of this companion is also dependent on an authenticator: removal of an authenticator from your account will also remove the Core Hound Pup from all characters' collections in that account.


Idle animations:

  • Scrunches down, then rears up on its hind legs to dance.
  • Jumps over to its left, then rolls over on its side to the right.
  • Right head digs a bone from the ground. After making sure of a firm grip in its jaws, core hound glances side to side, then right head tosses bone up into the air, catches it end-first, and scarfs it down.

Patches and Hotfixes Edit

WotLK Patch 3.3.0 (patch date::08-Dec-2009): Added. 


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