Professions as seen in World of Warcraft, the Warcraft RPGWoWRPG 118, 119, 374, 384, and other sources. These are not class-types.

Professions in World of Warcraft Edit

Primary Professions:

Any player can choose a maximum of two Primary professions.



Secondary Professions:

On top of the maximum of two Crafting Professions, all three Secondary professions can be trained by any player.

Crafts (crafting professions & trade skills)Edit

Performance (performing arts)Edit

  • Act/acting (comedy, drama, mime)
  • Comedy (buffoonery, joke telling, limericks)
  • Dance/dancing (ballet, jig, waltz)
  • Oratory (epic, ode, storytelling)
  • Sing/singing (ballad, chant, melody)
  • Keyboard Instruments (harpsichord, organ, piano, pipe)
  • Percussion Instruments (bells, chimes, drums, gong)
  • Riddles
  • String Instruments (fiddle, harp, lute, mandolin)
  • Wind Instruments (flute, pan pipes, recorder, trumpet)

Professions Edit

Survival Trade SkillsEdit

Healing Trade SkillsEdit

Other professions & skillsEdit

See alsoEdit

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