The Crest of the Alliance is a faction crest that includes a number of symbolic elements representing the various races of the Alliance:

  • Humans - lion and roses (some humans are widely known as being noble or brave, and the lion is a symbol of Stormwind)
  • Night Elves - crossed Elven arrows, (can be seen on Night elf crest), Hippogryph on the right
  • Dwarves - hammer and anvil representing the dwarves of Ironforge(for their great skill in blacksmithing), and the Gryphon on the left representing the Wildhammer Dwarves of Aerie Peak
  • Gnomes - cogs (for their great understanding of mechanics and engineering)

It remains to be seen if draenei, worgen, or any of the minor races' in the Alliance symbology will somehow be incorporated into the crest.

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