Quartermaster Davian Vaclav
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Gender Gender::Male
Race race::Human (Humanoid)
Level NPC level::65 Elite
Health 11,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation Stormwind
Location Nagrand
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Quartermaster Davian Vaclav is a level 65 pvp rewards vendor located in Halaa (41,44) in the contested territory of Nagrand. He sells items in exchange for Halaa Research Tokens and Halaa Battle Tokens. These tokens are obtained from fighting mobs and enemy players near Halaa. He is only available when the Alliance controls Halaa.


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Sells Edit

Halaa Rewards
Plate Armor 20 16px 1 16px [Avenger's Waistguard] [Slayer's Waistguard]
40 16px 2 16px [Avenger's Legplates] [Slayer's Legguards (PvP)]
Mail Armor 20 16px 1 16px [Marksman's Belt] [Stormbreaker's Girdle]
40 16px 2 16px [Marksman's Legguards] [Stormbreaker's Leggings]
Leather Armor 20 16px 1 16px [Shadowstalker's Sash] [Dreamstalker Sash]
40 16px 2 16px [Shadowstalker's Leggings] [Dreamstalker Leggings]
Cloth Armor 20 16px 1 16px [Hierophant's Sash]
40 16px 2 16px [Hierophant's Leggings]
Bags 8 16px [Halaani Bag]
Alchemy Recipes 2 16px [Recipe: Elixir of Ironskin]
Jewelcrafting Recipes 4 16px [Design: Steady Talasite]
Jewels 100 16px [Sublime Mystic Dawnstone]
Talbuk Mounts 70 16px 15 16px [Dark Riding Talbuk]
100 16px 20 16px [Dark War Talbuk]

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