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Gender Gender::Male
Race race::Scourge (Undead)
Level NPC level::18 Rare
Health 626
Wealth 34c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ghostlands
See link= Whitherlimb#modelviewer

Dr. Whitherlimb is a level 18 rare mob Scourge mad scientist found in Ghostlands. He spawns in one of four locations: the Howling or Bleeding Ziggurats along the Dead Scar, as well as the two ziggurats inside Deatholme.

Unique lootEdit


  • Healing Potion: Restores some health.
  • Whithering Poison: Poison debuff that lasts 10 minutes, reducing spirit and stamina by, as well as shrinking the target.
  • Monstrous Elixir: When he reaches around 25% health, he drinks a potion increasing his size and healing him for about a third of his max hp.
  • Poison Bolt: A ranged nature damage attack.

Quotes Edit

  • It is very kind of you to donate your organs!
  • Be proud, your brain will be put to good use in one of my abominations.
  • Excellent! Fresh parts!


  • Whitherlimb can be found in all four ziggurats at the same time.

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