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Dragons were forced by the Horde to attack the Alliance of Lordaeron during the Second War, later, during the the Invasion of Draenor members of another dragonflight willingly joined the Horde.


Tides of Darkness Edit

Although they are shown as generic green dragons in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness they were later explained to have been of the red dragonflight. Their queen Alexstrasza was captured by the Dragonmaw clan and her flight was forced to serve the Horde.[1]

Beyond the Dark Portal Edit

In Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal most of the dragons represented by the green sprite were later explained to have been members of the black dragonflight, led by Deathwing who joined the Horde because of a debt, the Horde saved them from the humans at Blackrock Spire.[2]

The Horde did however still posses a small number of red dragons; youngsters that had grown up as slaves to the orcs, developed a taste for human flesh, and roosted at Blackrcok Spire.W2BnetMan 86[2]

Strategy Edit

By combining their incredible destructive powers with a keen intellect, the Dragons represent the single most powerful force within the Horde. The devastating flame that issues forth from the mouths of the older serpents can level any number of enemy troops, while their powerful wings allow them to tirelessly soar through the skies.[1]

For the rest of the strategy see: [1].


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