Ethereum Prisons are energy spheres around the Ethereum Staging Grounds. These spheres require an [Ethereum Prison Key] which can be obtained as random drop from any ethereal (including those in zones other than Netherstorm) but is thought to be a higher drop-rate from the Ethereum mobs (approximately 3% drop rate). The Ethereum Jailor, which spawns approximately every 15 minutes in Netherstorm around Manaforge Ultris has approximately 90% drop rate of the [Ethereum Prison Key].

Note that the prerequisite for any [Ethereum Prison Key] to drop in the first place is that one has to be honored with The Consortium and has to have completed the quest A Mission Of Mercy. If one does not meet those prerequisites the [Ethereum Prison Key] will not drop and one will not be able to roll on it if it drops within a party. Ethereum prison keys are slow to drop. they fall from ethereums around manaforge ultris, Netherstrom, Bash'ir Landing and Crystal spine, Blade's Edge mountain, or Heroic Mana tombs. Fastest drop is heroic mana tombs. You need to do the quests in these areas to get the keys to the stasis chambers in Mana tombs. The front one holds a friendly etheral Ambassador and the back holds lord Shaffar's dog Yor who has a 250 k health.

When a Prison is opened, either a friendly mob will come out and give rep, or a level 71 non-elite hostile mob will come out. The hostile mobs have a guaranteed drop of [Ethereum Prisoner I.D. Tag] which can be turned in as a repeatable quest for 250 rep. They also have a guaranteed drop of a uncommon (green-quality) or better item. The uncommon items are level 70 BoE's, however there is a chance of BoP rare (blue-quality) items.

Known friendly mob factions are:

Known hostile mobs

They are a guaranteed drop of an uncommon or better item. A shared loot table of a number of rare resist cloak and rings which can drop:

Possible mods for the resist cloaks and rings:

  • of Agility - +17 Agility
  • of Healing - +17 Healing
  • of Magic - +19 Spell Damage and Healing
  • of Power - +34 Attack Power
  • of Strength - +17 Strength

Each random mob also has a rare drop specific to them: