Fel engineering is a branch of engineering the Burning Legion possesses, likely learned from the assimilation of the Gan'arg and Mo'arg species. This tainted branch of engineering takes machines made of corrupted dark material and bond it with the deadly and corrupted fel energies. Some devices run on fel energies while some might run on someone's own life energy. The list of fel technology might go on. Some of the best known examples of fel engineering are the Fel Reaver and the Fel Cannon. These devices helped the legion conquer much of Outland. It is unknown when the Burning Legion attained such knowledge of engineering, but it is known that those who follow this route of technology make deadly devices capable of mass chaos. Any practitioners are bound to be corrupted by the very machines they make. Most who go into this field are those loyal to the legion and the Gan'arg and Mo'arg engineers. These devices were utilized the most in Outland and likely even more horrific devices lie in store from the legion.

List of Fel Devices Edit