Neutral Firewing blood elves
Firewing Point, their settlement
Main leaderSharth Voldoun
Race(s)Bloodelf maleBloodelf female Blood elves
Character classesWarlock
CapitalFirewing Point
Theater of operationsTerokkar Forest
AffiliationKael'thas' forces, Illidan's forces
StatusDefeated by Alliance and Horde

The Firewing are one of the many groups of blood elves serving Kael'thas. They are established at Firewing Point.


The Firewing blood elves are a group of low-ranking blood elves[1] that work for Kael'thas and Illidan, they are using the broken draenei of Tuurem, the Wrekt, as smuggling go-betweens for the creation of the mana bombs.[2][3]

The Firewing ordered the Bonechewer clan to go from Hellfire Citadel to the Bonechewer Ruins and keep busy the Alliance and the Horde.[4][5]

The druids of the Cenarion Thicket sent Isla Starmane as a diplomant with the Firewing, however when she arrived she was captured and locked in a cage.[6]

They are working in the project at Firewing Point, they sent one of the Wrekt broken to the Cenarion Thicket with a prototype mana bomb, with the suicide mission of exploding it and killing himself and all the druids; this as a vengeance to the druids for destroying the colossi at Hellfire Peninsula.[7] Now they were producing a second one with the objective of destroying the Allerian Stronghold and the Stonebreaker Hold,[8][9] because they are causing much trouble in Tuurem, Firewing Point and the Bonechewer Ruins. Sharth Voldoun, leader of the Firewing, oversaw the project personally so that it doesn't fail.[7] However all the plan failed and the Firewing were defeated by the Alliance and the Horde.[10]


Name Location
Bloodelf male Sharth Voldoun Firewing Point Terokkar Forest


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