Not to be confused with Grakkarond.
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Gender Gender::Male
Race race::Proto-dragon (Dragonkin)
Location His bones remain in the Dragonblight
Status Deceased
Pilt:Galakrond head.jpg.jpg

Galakrond, a massive proto-dragon,[1] was the "progenitor of dragonkind". From him, the Titans created the Aspects. His size alone was greater than all of the Aspects combined.[2] He was said to be extremely evil and attempted to destroy the other proto-drakes, forcing the many Dragonflights (lead by the red, blue, green, black, and bronze flights) to unite to defeat him. The leaders of each color of proto-drake became the Dragon Aspects[3].

Grand Necrolord Antiok is in charge of the failing effort of the Scourge to raise Galakrond as a frost wyrm.[4]

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