Profile Edit

George Warner is a senior Developer Technical Support (DTS) engineer at Apple Computer, Inc. where he's currently responsible for multi-tasking/processing (threading), performance, vectorization and games.[1]

Background Edit

George has been programming since 1974. That timeframe includes six years in the Air Force, four years with Digital Equipment Corporation, five years at ESL/TRW. He's been with Apple since 1991. When not working, he is playing with robots, games or asleep. Recently, he judged the 2003's idevgames contest.

Responsibilities Edit

George is a self appointed code reviewer for Cosmos; He diff's each release against it's predecessor looking for the unintended bug (or three). Each of these are submitted to bugzilla to be fixed.

AddOns by GeoWar Edit

  • SocialSendMessage
  • WorldMapInfo

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