Giant wolves, also referred to as bear wolves, are terrifying animals who roam upper Mulgore and Ashenvale Forest often hunting kodo beasts. Giant wolves are wolves of exceptional size and strength. While they do not match the sheer power or ferocity of the Horde's dire wolves, they are certainly impressive and deadly creatures. Most giant wolves resemble normal wolves, but are about 7 and feet long and weigh some 450 pounds.HPG 221

This beast might be mistaken for any wolf at a distance, but once it's seen up close, it becomes clear that the thing is huge. The largest are perhaps as long as 20 feet from its thick snout to its curled tail, and weigh 5000 pounds, with dark gray and black fur. They do not share the shyness of humans of their smaller kin, which makes them naturally dangerous. Some giant wolves are used by orcs as mounts, though they are often difficult to train. Giant wolf packs will track prey at a distance during the day, resting frequently, and then close in just after twilight. They howl much like their brethren, but the deep, almost bass rumbling of giant wolves is clearly different. Much like timber wolves, giant wolves are skilled pack hunters. They do not have the same speed and maneuverability, however, and often hunt like great cats. Two members will startle prey, howling and pressing it into the rest of the pack. Giant wolves are crafty and will avoid armed humans. They are less apt to break and run than wolves, but serious injury will turn them.MoM 170,171 Giant wolves fight much like their smaller cousins, only on a larger scale.HPG 221