Glory of the Raider (25 player) is a meta-achievement related to end game raiding. If you complete many other achievements related to bosses in Naxxramas and other raids, you will be awarded with 25 Achievement point. Until Patch 3.1.0, the achievement also rewarded a 310% speed epic mount, the [Black Proto-Drake].


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Summary of achievementsEdit

"Glory of the Raider (25 player)" is a meta-achievement, meaning that several other achievements must be completed first. Below is a summary of the achievements that must be completed on heroic difficulty to complete "Glory of the Raider (25 player)."

Name Summary
Pilt:Money achievement.png The Dedicated Few (25 player) Kill all the bosses of Naxxramas with less than 21 people
Pilt:Money achievement.png Make Quick Werk Of Him (25 player) Kill Combat Patchwerk in 3 minutes or less
Pilt:Money achievement.png Momma Said Knock You Out (25 player) Kill Combat Grand Widow Faerlina in Naxxramas without dispelling frenzy
Pilt:Money achievement.png Subtraction (25 player) Kill Combat Thaddius with less than 21 people
Pilt:Money achievement.png You Don't Have An Eternity (25 player) Kill Combat Malygos in 5 minutes or less
Pilt:Money achievement.png Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows (25 player) Kill Combat Sartharion <The Onyx Guardian> without getting hit by Lava Strike
Pilt:Money achievement.png The Hundred Club (25 player) Kill Combat Sapphiron without any member of the raid having a frost resist value over 100
Pilt:Money achievement.png Denyin' the Scion (25 player) Deliver a killing blow to a Combat Scion of Eternity while riding on a hover disk
Pilt:Money achievement.png Just Can't Get Enough (25 player) Kill Combat Kel'Thuzad while killing at least 18 abominations in his chamber
Pilt:Money achievement.png Arachnophobia (25 player) Kill Combat Maexxna within 20 minutes of Combat Anub'Rekhan's death
Pilt:Money achievement.png The Safety Dance (25 player) Kill Combat Heigan the Unclean without anyone in the raid dying
Pilt:Money achievement.png Shocking! (25 player) Kill Combat Thaddius without anyone in the raid crossing the negative and positive charges
Pilt:Money achievement.png The Spellweaver's Downfall (25 player) Kill Combat Malygos
Pilt:Money achievement.png A Poke In The Eye (25 player) Kill Combat Malygos with fewer than 21 people
Pilt:Money achievement.png The Twilight Zone (25 player) With all three Twilight Drakes still alive, engage and defeat Combat Sartharion <The Onyx Guardian>
Pilt:Money achievement.png And They Would All Go Down Together (25 player) Defeat the Combat Four Horsemen ensuring that they all die within 15 seconds of each other
Pilt:Money achievement.png The Immortal Within one raid lockout period, defeat every boss in Naxxramas without allowing any raid member to die during any of the boss encounters

Patches and hotfixes Edit

            Old name was "Heroic: Glory of the Raider."

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