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The award-winning Gnomeregan Gnews Gnetwork has been tireless in their journalistic quest to bring the most important news affecting the world of Warcraft. This news were shown during the official videos: WoW Gameplay Trailer: Nether Drake,[1] The Burning Crusade Launch: The Video[2] and in News From Outland: Crisis at Da Portal!.[3] Subtitled versions of the news can be found on the European official site.[4]

News From OutlandEdit


In their latest segment, they turn their attention to the goings-on in some place called "Outland". Intrepid reporters of the GGG investigate the seemingly endless battle at the Dark Portal, the mysterious depletion of Zangarmarsh, and the source of a foul odor emanating from Shattrath's Lower City...[3]


  • ESRB: Rated teen for teen.
History Re-imagined and ZoneDiscovery are played.
  • Unknown person #1: Gnomeregan Gnews. With... News Anchor Mar'Lee.
  • Troll male Mar'Lee: Tank you for tunin' in. Tonight's top story be: CRISIS at da PORTAL!
Demon onslaught hindered by Horde and Alliance forces.
  • Troll male Mar'Lee: We also have wid us, da self-proclaimed mouthpiece of da people, Barley McFrothbeard.
  • Dwarf male Barley McFrothbeard: I say we round up all these red-eyed demon freaks and send 'em right back to Outland with their pointy tails between their sissy legs!
  • Orc male N. Kagnito: I think calling them "demons" is a gross generalization. Why does everything has to have a label? I mean, who made them the bad guys all of a sudden?
  • Dwarf male Barley McFrothbeard: Oh, they only want to DESTROY AZEROTH, ya flea-brained twit!
  • Orc male N. Kagnito: Nonsense! They are just misunderstood.
  • Dwarf male Barley McFrothbeard: They'll kill us all, ya gibberin' buffoon!
  • Orc male N. Kagnito: Oh, I suppose you can read their minds all of a sudden.
  • Dwarf male Barley McFrothbeard: Their demonic energy corrupts and destroys!
  • Orc male N. Kagnito: I use demonic energy every day. I'm not corrupted.
  • Dwarf male Barley McFrothbeard: Your eyes are glowing!
  • Orc male N. Kagnito: Well, I... I have cataracts...
  • Dwarf male Barley McFrothbeard: And you have horns growing from yer—
—wait a minute. You're one of them, aren't ya? (shot sound)
  • Gnome female Wendy Breezy: Just super Mar'Lee, thanks! I'm standing here with Commander Duron, who is leading the Alliance Forces against the Burning Legion here at the Portal! Mr. Duron, tell us how you're holding up against these unending waves of demons?
  • Human male Commander Duron: Well, Wendy, I...
  • Gnome female Wendy Breezy: What's it's like to see your comrades gleefully dismembered by these marauding agents of evil?
  • Human male Commander Duron: Oh, yes, oh, oh, uh, yes...
  • Gnome female Wendy Breezy: Comrades who are undoubtedly leaving behind devastated orphans and widows!
  • Human male Commander Duron: Maybe we should—
  • Gnome female Wendy Breezy: How long do you think this assault will last, given that the Legion is estimated to number... in the millions?
  • Human male Commander Duron: Sorry, but... duty calls.
  • Gnome female Wendy Breezy: Truly a man of few words. Well, this is Wendy—
  • Unknown person #2: CUT TO COMMERCIAL! CUT TO—
The commercial World of Warcraft Valentine's Day Commercial is played.
Special enviromental report from Zangarmarsh.
Investigative report from Spoggle Greasecakes.
Written on the reporter's screen: Shady Ventures
  • Gnome male Spoggle Greasecakes: But what you don't know is that there are new and sinester forces at work in Outland as well, in the tranquil ecosystem of Zangarmarsh.
Ogre Ramage!
Written on the reporter's screen: Circle of Defiance Rallying for the Cause
Written on the reporter's screen: March in the Marsh
Unknown odor wreaks havoc on city.
Lower City, Shattrath
Interview with Tobias
  • Broken male Tobias the Filth Gorger: I don't know what might be causing this alleged odor, but it would have to come from an object so rare and so foul... kind of like this rotten arakkoa egg here. It's unique in that it— oh! Excuse me!
  • Gnome male Strombone: (Vomiting)
  • Pilt:IconSmall Human Boy.gif Gordie: It's a complete and total barf-o-rama! Run for your lives!
  • Troll male Mar'Lee: Da last time I seen something like dat was at a Level 70 ETC concert. Well, dat concludes our broadcast. Dis be Ancor Mar'Lee, and dat be da news!

Downscreen newsEdit

The following news where presented in the bottom of the screen during the video:

  • BoE Index:
    • RPVT -0.37
    • Greens -203
    • Blues +2204
    • Purples + 48.6
  • Ore Index:
    • Copper -0.02
    • Tin +2.14
  • Millions of demons invade Azeroth. Horde and Alliance forces stand strong.
  • Another nether storm ravages... Netherstorm?
  • Venture Company credits record earning to hero migration from Azeroth to Outland after Dark Portal's reopening.
  • Economists concerned with influx of raw material gathered in Outland.
  • Gnomish thief captured in Tanaris, blames evil twin.
  • Breaking News! Infernal lands near Gnomergan Gnews HQ in Shattrath City. Origin unknown.
  • Tanaris gnome's accomplice captured, blames evil triplet.
  • Wendy Breezy miraculously survives direct impact from infernal strike. Dozens of interns rushed to Sacred Hearth Medical Center in critical condition.
  • Search party for missing protesters in Zangarmarsh called off.
  • SPG -0.27
  • DEF +0.06
  • WSO +0.15
  • FWC -0.31


  • Although Strombone says "Strombone was wondering, has anything like this happened before?" in the subtitles it says: "Can you tell us if anything like this happened before?"


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They received the Best Show Starting with a Silent Letter (News or Comedy), Azeroth Media Awards in 2004 and 2006.[3]


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