Were you looking for the Warcraft III item Goblin Land Mines?
  • Goblin Land Mine
  • Item Level 39Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Requires Engineering (195)
  • Use: Places the Goblin Land Mine on the ground. It will explode for 394 to 506 fire damage the next time a hostile creature passes near it. The mine has a duration of 1 min.
  • 1 Charges
  • Sell Price: 16s

Goblin Land Mine can be placed on the ground and it will explode the next time a hostile target comes close to it.


Goblin Land Mine is crafted by Engineers with a skill level of 195. No specialization in Goblin Engineering required.

The components are:
3x Heavy Blasting Powder 2x [Iron Bar]
1x [Gyrochronatom]
Raw components:
3x [Heavy Stone] 3x [Iron Bar]
1x [Gold Bar]

The Schematic: Goblin Land Mine is a World Drop


The goblin land mine combines a gunpowder bomb with the fiendish surprise of invisibility. Once placed and activated, the mine sits quietly until an enemy approaches and triggers a ward placed upon the bomb. The ward ignites the gunpowder, producing a devastating explosion. Invisibility and glyph of warding are incorporated when crafting the mines.WRPG 144


  • A tactic of Engineering Rogues is to go down to a well-traveled lowbies zone, place a mine in the middle of a choke point, stealth, and laugh; or place them on the flags in the battleground Warsong Gulch.
  • Shares the 1 min Cooldown with Grenades, Bombs, and Dynamite.

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