Faction/AffiliationIndependent, NeutralHostile, Oracles
Character classesWarrior, Shaman, Oracle
Racial capitalSholazar Basin
Racial leader(s)Varies per tribe
Racial mountN/A

Gorlocs are "an arctic race of murloc-like creatures" that battle the tuskarr.[1] This can be seen in the Borean Tundra.

They are said to be the "next evolution of murlocs".[2] Lead Game Designer Jeff Kaplan called them "an evolution to the murlocs" and said they were a "complicated race of murloc, both good and bad at the same time".[3] The Oracles, an advanced group of gorloc tribes who have formed their own faction, are fighting the wolvar.


Burblegobble's tribe[4] Edit

Gurgleboggle's tribe[4] Edit

The following tribes, although separate, have formed some sort of alliance calling themselves the Oracles:

Mistwhisper tribeEdit

Mosswalker tribeEdit

Rainspeaker tribeEdit

Sparktouched tribeEdit

Notable gorlocsEdit

Pilt:Oracle Soo-nee.jpg

References Edit

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