RaidGruul's Lair
The Gruul's Lair loading graphic
LocationBlade's Edge Mountains
Race(s)Pilt:IconSmall Gronn.gif Gronn
OgreOgreOgre Ogre
Ogre mageOgre mage Ogre mage
Pilt:IconSmall OgreLord.gif Ogre lord
End bossGruul the Dragonkiller
Raid info
Advised level70+
Player limit25
Lockout timer1 week
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Gruul's Lair is located north of Ruuan Weald in the Blade's Edge Mountains of Outland. Here, Gruul the Dragonkiller, the merciless gronn overlord, rules over the ogres of Blade's Edge.

This raid contains two bosses, Gruul the Dragonkiller and High King Maulgar, and requires no attunement. The player must be at least level 65 and in a raid to enter.

Dungeon Denizens Edit


To High King Maulgar

  • The first encounter in Gruul's lair is one Lair Brute that patrols up and down a long cavern. After him are two other randomly spawned mobs, either Brutes or Gronn-Priest. The patrol can be pulled single, but the duo beyond must be done together. The first mob will call for help, but tanked next to the portal he will be too far to be heard by the next two mobs.
  • If only one of the pair of two mobs is killed, they will both respawn.
  • The mobs leading to High King are on a 1 hour timer.
  • When High King Maulgar is killed the gate on the far side of him will open and the mobs leading to him will no longer spawn.

To Gruul

  • When the gate is opened, there will be several mobs inside. All static packs are randomly Gronn-Priests or Lair Brutes. The two patrolling mobs are always Brutes.
  • First pull is a double pull.
  • Second pull is a single pull that patrols from the first double pull to the fire.
  • Third pull is a double pull by the fire.
  • Fourth pull is a single patrol that leads from Gruul's area to the fire.
  • The last pull is a triple pull at the end of cavern that leads to Gruul.
  • When Gruul is killed no mobs will spawn inside of his lair.

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N [70D] The Cudgel of Kar'desh


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There are 6 Unstable Flasks available designed especially for fighting Gruul.

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