gsDKP is a free online DKP & Raid management system. It supports World of Warcraft only at the moment. gsDKP was created with one goal in mind - to create most comprehensive raiding & dkp management service on the net.
gsDKP is offered as a free, online web service. It is not downloadable and everything is managed on gsDKP itself.

Current Version : 1.16? (beta) - stable[citation needed]

After viewing some of the current DKP systems available, I came to realize that there must be a system that will overcome the flaws of it's predecessors:

  1. Downloadable standalone program - Some might view that as a benefit, I believe that managing DKP should be something easier than having to download software and installing it unto a web server thus usually paying monthly fees. gsDKP.Com enables the management of DKP accounts on a central server owned and managed by a single source - gsDKP.
  2. Diversity and UI - gsDKP offers a comprehensive DKP & raiding management system.


The goal was to implement in gsDKP all the tools needed to manage a guild's raiding, including:

  1. Tracking guild raids.
  2. Tracking guild boss kills, item drops and PvE progression.
  3. Creating raiding schedules, enabling dynamic online signups of players.
  4. Rich news section including image and item linking.
  5. Choosing a combination of a lot of different DKP settings to accommodate most DKP systems including fixed values for items and bosses, bidding system, zero-sum support, diminishing returns, DKP caps, and progress DKP.
  6. Rich guild-wide statistics - latest loots, DKP standings, bosses killed, etc...
  7. Rich individual player profile including raid attendance, items received, character build.
  8. Support for private as well as public systems.
  9. Various in-guild communication methods - shoutbox, comments, Private messages.
  10. Latest and always up-to-date item and boss database.


gsDKP Offers the users to manage all the aspects of DKP in their guild via an administration panel (players, raids, instances, mobs, items, DKP values, scheduled raids, UI settings, DKP settings, etc..)

gsDKP is now in it's beta phase, ironing bugs and constantly adding more features. As such is a forum where I will answer all the questions and where people can make suggestions about the system. The idea is that the users are shaping the DKP system to be as comprehensive and intuitive as possible.

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