A Guild Vendor is a vendor that sells items related to Guild achievements. Most racial capitals and Neutral sanctuary cities (Dalaran and Shattrath City) have one.

Name Level City
Neutral Mirla Silverblaze <Guild Vendor> 70 Dalaran
Neutral Riha <Guild Vendor> 65 Shattrath City
Horde Goram <Guild Vendor> 45 Orgrimmar
Horde Kim Horn <Guild Vendor> 45 Undercity
Horde Larissia <Guild Vendor> 45 Silvermoon City
Horde Randah Songhorn <Guild Vendor> 45 Thunder Bluff
Alliance Nuri <Guild Vendor> 45 The Exodar
Alliance Shay Pressler <Guild Vendor> 45 Stormwind City
Alliance Steeg Haskell <Guild Vendor> 45 Ironforge
Alliance Velia Moonbow <Guild Vendor> 45 Darnassus

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