How to Mass Recruit Players Edit

Their are lots of ways to mass recruit members to a guild.

Advantages to Mass recruiting
  • Lots of members to join the guild and get more XP due to guild perks.
  • Lots of members to do raids, dungeons and PvP.
Disadvantages to Mass recruiting
  • Alienate many players who don't like the mass recruiting method.
  • Bad reputation on your server.
Here are some different way of Mass recruiting
  1. Just go around inviting people.
  2. Use a macro.
  3. Use an AddOn.

Different basic ways of mass recruiting Edit

Just go round inviting everyone
Obviously this can take a long time going up to everyone and finding someone that isnt in a guild and type /ginvite <name> bla bla bla, very long and time consuming.
  • Advantages: Find people you know levels of.
  • Disadvantages: Very time-consuming.
Use a Macro
This is obviously alot easier than going round inviting everyone because you just type something in then just keep clicking.
  • A macro for mass recruiting would be:
    • With a whisper:
      • /script n=GetNumWhoResults(); i=1; while(i<n+1) do c,g=GetWhoInfo(i); if(g=="") then SendChatMessage("Your Message Here "..c.."! Guild Name Another Message Here","WHISPER","COMMON",c); GuildInvite(c); end; i=i+1; end;
    • ...and one without a whisper:
      • /script n=GetNumWhoResults(); i=1; while(i<n+1) do c,g=GetWhoInfo(i); if(g=="") then SendChatMessage("","WHISPER","COMMON",c); GuildInvite(c); end; i=i+1; end;
Use an AddOn
Alot easier than both options above would be an addon called 'RapeDotty' this is just a simple addon what is made to make mass recruiting alot easier.

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