Sites to help guilds create and customize their own website.

Guild hosting services Edit

Guild Hosting is provided by companies that tailored web applications to gamers. Their hosting plans typically offer out of the box functionality with popular functionality as content management, forums, rosters, polls, and image galleries. Some services offer game specific features and DKP. These services range from free typically add support site to ad free service on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly charge.

Name Cost/Month Ads Technology Difficulty Flexibility
CharacterPlanet [1] Free  ?  ?  ?  ?
  • The site allows you to add Character Profiles for various MMORPGs. Members can enter descriptions for their characters as well as stats and any other information a guild leader would like to know.
  • Guilds can easily be created and joined by the members of the site. Characters in guilds will be given a guild tag above their character's profile picture.
  • Guild features include image storage, a roster of all members, messaging, chat rooms, bulletins, blogs, and custom forums with permission levels the guild leader can set.
  • Armory roster sync. [2] $2.00-10.00/mo No Custom CMS in PHP You decide (See below)
  • Full customizable system, at the HTML, CSS, and Javascript levels (for the techy users)
  • Drop-In Templates with source code for user modification.
  • GUI color configurator
  • DKP Tracking and recording mod (GuildRaidSnapShot Mod) for fast DKP data entry.
  • Customizable Raid attendance analysis
  • Calendar Events, with integrated boss kills, drop history, and raid signups
  • Specially designed Thread Tags Forum System
  • Character Profiles and Rosters with Armory integration, and/or the DKPProfiler mod.
  • Blogs, Galleries, Raid Progression, Vent/TS Status, Shoutbox, Multiple Applications, Professions, etc.
  • Loot Systems Supported: DKP (and variations), EPGP, SuicideKings,
  • Support for multiple games and guilds on a single site (If your guild plays other games, you can tweak the site to support character profiles, events, DKP systems, etc. for those other games/guilds).
Ejeet [3] $1.19-$14.99/mo None SMF + Portal and Mods Easy to moderate 100%
  • Complete SMF 1.1.X or 2.0 Forum System
  • cPanel account with 100% access to all files hosted on your guild page
  • 30+ Warcraft Templates
  • Over 1600 additional templates
  • Over 500 widgets, modules and customizations.
  • EPGP and DKP
  • EQDKP or WebDKP the choice is yours.
  • Image Gallery with loads of space
  • 50Gigs of Space
  • Unmetered Transfer on a GBit network connection.
  • Storage offered in Gigabyte not Megabytes
  • 24/7 North American Support Agents
  • Guilds can easily be created and joined by the members of the site. Characters in guilds will be given a guild tag above their character's profile picture.
  • The fastest bandwidth a mesh of 74GBps Swarm Servers
  • Armory roster or WoWRoster take your pick
  • Many more features
Enjin [4] Free-$8.95-$29.95/mo Only with free package Hosted online CMS Easy Extreme
Pilt:Enjin logo png2.png

Visit a few Enjin Guild websites in action: Charlie Foxtrot, Imperium ,Winds of Creation,Pandorum.

More Information

Wow Specific Features

  • Import your entire guild with 1 click from the Armory.
  • Assign and manage all characters in multiple games or servers.
  • Boss Kill progressions. Icons, heroic mode supported and wowhead integration.
  • Dungeon Achievements. Icons, heroic mode supported and wowhead integration.
  • Recruitment status module, display which class or character is in demand.
  • Wowhead plugin that displays item tooltips upon hover anywhere.
  • WoW specific themes and headers.
  • Flash headers
  • Visual and compact boss kill progression bar indicators

Flexible Pricing

  • Offers both free ad-supported and paid hosting services.
  • Instantly signup and get a website and forums for free.
  • Cancel, upgrade or downgrade at anytime.
  • 7 day free trial of premium features


  • All guild sites come with a free subdomain.
  • Your full domain can be used.

Build Perfect Guild Pages

  • Get perfect and extreme control over every page. Create any type of layout or structure.
  • Drag and Drop any content you want anywhere on your pages with our easy to use layout editor.
  • Choose one, two, or three column layouts for each page and drag the width of each column.
  • Nothing comes close to the level of customization you can achieve with our layout editor.
  • Multigaming - The only host with true multi-gaming support. Use the same website for all the games your guild plays

Public and Private Forums

  • Fully integrated and highly versatile forum system.
  • Instantly search and find specific threads, authors and keywords.
  • Assign multi-level access via user tags for forums, posting and thread starting rights.
  • Customize and fully skin the forums with the Theme Editor.
  • Lighting fast loading and browsing speed.
  • Create advanced forum polls with bar results.
  • Drag and drop interface for forum management and creation.
  • Display forum signatures.
  • Showcase top posters.

Recruitment and Applications

  • Create multiple applications with several question types.
  • Form types such as text fields, bbcode text, dropdowns, radio selection, single and multiple checkboxes.
  • Enable private commenting per application.
  • Specify who can apply and view applications.
  • Specify who can view, manage, approve or reject applications.

Packed with Features

  • Event Calendar with member signup and RSVP
  • Event Mini-Calendar, and upcoming Events list
  • Header Module, upload your own header or use a flash animated header.
  • HTML Module enabling 3rd party widget integration
  • Login and register Module
  • Showcase your Members, Latest Members, online members.
  • News & Blog
  • Paypal Donations with goal bar and donor list
  • Roster with large avatars and grouping functions
  • Menu (vertical)and(horizontal)
  • YouTube - easily integrate youtube videos
  • Birthday module
  • Branding Features, use your copyrights and your own favicon
  • Digital Clock
  • Latest forum Threads
  • Forum Top Posters
  • Gallery with permissions for members to upload their own images and character tagging
  • Gallery Slideshow
  • Image Upload
  • List module for easy bbcode listing
  • RSS Feeds
  • Shoutbox
  • User Spotlight to feature members and their tags/awards
  • Site wide private messaging
  • Ventrilo/Mumble/Ts3 status

Privacy and Permissions

  • Decide who has register access, admin access, moderator access or viewing access to any part of your website.
  • Give admin access to just a single or multiple modules.
  • Create private pages for a certain group of users.
  • Members can join your website freely or via application.
  • User tags serve as multi-leveled permissions, and serve as awards and ranks. Each usertag can be shown as an image or icon to display ribbons, metals, and achievements per user.
  • Assigning tags is a simple tick of a box

Themes and Design

  • Create your own website theme with the full featured theme editor.
  • Change the background, fonts, buttons, icons, borders, colors, patterns, everything!
  • Edit any existing theme and tweak it your way.
  • No html or css coding knowledge required, simple controls, color pickers and sliders.
  • Dynamically edit your theme and watch it change in real time as you browse.
  • Unbelievable level of flexibility, create any type of theme or style.
  • Browse hundreds of different layouts and headers with our theme browser supporting all major games.
  • Use Multiple themes per 1 site! (Perfect for multigaming guilds)

Community and Support

  • Supports all games.
  • Free friendly and fast support.
  • Friendly community forums with free graphic request areas and recruitment areas.
  • Access to join thousands of other gaming communities.

Get your guild website here Start for free

eXplosive Guilds [5] $5.49-$8.99/mo None! PHP Easy High
Reliable Guild Hosting for a Bargain

Orginally Xplosive Guilds now re-branding as eXplosive Guilds.

Visit our site to see a live demo.

A Full Feature list is available here.

Custom Proprietary Features

  • Custom Header Generator, create your own perfect header image Details.
  • Custom Raid Events and Planning Module.
    • List or Calendar View Event Display.
    • Simple event creation process, define your requirments even down to specific class numbers.
    • Simple signup process, your guildies are linked to there game characters so class already known (dropdown for alts).
    • Detailed summary view of the event at any time.
    • Guildies can leave comments on there status.
    • Raid Planning module for the raid leaders allows you to build your team online ready for the off.
    • Automated Event announcement once your team is ready, auto populates the news page.
    • Once the raid is over use our custom version of CT_RaidTracker to import the looted items for display on the site.
  • Guild Absences Module allows you to track your members holidays.
  • Guild Bank Viewer used in conjunction with our Addon.
  • Guild Charter & Guild History Modules.
  • Guild Lottery Module, gold anybody ?
  • Paypal Donations Module
  • Raid Boss Kills Module and Instance Defeats Panel (updated via addon) show the world you mean business.
  • Raid Guides all linked in to wowwiki.
  • Recruitment Module includes dynamic form builder.
  • Roster update from Game (via Addon) or from the Warcraft Armory.
  • Support for EPGP standings (Automatically updated using our addon)
  • Ventrilo Server Status Module
  • XplosiveProfiler in game addon captures roster and bank contents automatically.

Standard CMS features

  • Fourms support youtube integration.
  • Photo Gallery and random image panel
  • Shoutbox, News, Links etc all
  • All site content and features are fully configurable via the Administrative Control Panel.
  • All the sites features are security dependent so you can decide who can see what.

Integration with 3rd Party Products

  • Item Tooltips provided by ItemStats
  • Promote your guild on the WoW Webring (
  • Built in support for the fantastic flash signature created images of


  • All sites are delivered fully configured giving you more time to play.
  • All sites feature an integrated community portal giving access to the private community forums. (New)
  • All sites benefit from a central update so are always upto date with our latest developments (visible in the control panel)

Don't delay, come and join eXplosive today !!

GildenDKP [6] Start from 1.99$ No PHP Easy High

GildenDKP offers professional all-round service for guilds, clans and raids.

Starting with just a single DKP-system up to a complete websolution with Teamspeak server.

Extensive features and automated processes help you in the effort to manage and organize a guild with a minimum of time.

Combined with multiple ingame addons, an online linked database to the item and character database for WoWHead and WoW-Armory, various different styles for nearly each MMORPGs, our system will provide anything to you, even for the higher needs.

Your installation actions you need to do are nearly zero. The system is hosted and maintained for you, secured and updated from our side, that you can get the main thing back: time for gaming!

Our packages are highly modified, that if you would like to use different databases (DKP lists), you still just have to administrate the main user database. And even this is just working with just two clicks. The use of different DKP lists for multiple instances or raidgroups is with the use of our system really easy, as the managing of members is reduced to just a single database.

The packages are specially designed from gamers for your needs, to fulfill just any need you might have. For the beginners, the second system for your guild or raidunion, up to a leading guild. GildenDKP is providing exactly what you need.

Supported MMORPGs:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Age of Conan
  • Dark Age of Camelot
  • Everquest
  • Everquest II
  • Vanguard-SoH
  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • Warhammer Online
  • Chronicles of Spellborn
Check out features here!

Guild Launch [7] Free or $6/mo Yes (with Free package) phpBB / Wiki / Ajax Easy Medium
Full Feature List!

Flexible Pricing

  • Offers both ad-supported and paid hosting services.
  • All guild sites come with a subdomain
  • Full domains can be used

Armory Integration

  • Has a high level of Armory integration including roster imports and gear and stat imports for characters
    • Supports multiple server guilds
    • Spec and Dual-Spec info is imported from the Armory

Full Featured CMS

  • Provides calendar tools, forums, image gallery, file uploads, custom BBCode, DKP tracking and a lot more.
  • A large number of plug-ins (widgets) are available including:
    • Raid Progression
    • RSS Feeds
    • Ventrilo Status
    • Raid Info
    • Recent Posts
    • Recent Images
    • Weekly Calendar View & At-A-Glance Calendar
    • "ItemStats"
    • Many More
  • Provides permission tools that allow the site admin to delegate nearly all administration tasks and to define specific areas to be delegated.
  • Has capable recruitment tools allowing you to post applications in forums, build custom applications, and to track new recruit raid availability.
  • Has a proprietary DKP application which support Standard DKP, Zero Sum DKP and EPGP.


  • Provides several World Of Warcraft Add-ons such as:
    • DKP imports
    • Character profiler mod
    • Guild Bank Profiler.
    • Profiler mod allows for detailed crafting information searching for your guild's characters so you can find out who can craft what easily.


  • Easy customization for all sites
  • Many professionally designed templates available
  • Full CSS Customization available for subscription sites.

And More

  • Also offers Ventrilo services.
  • PlayXpert™ In Game Platform.
  • Supports 100s of MMOs
  • Fast and knowledgeable support.

Get Your Guild Site Started Here!

Guildomatic [8] Free or $5-8/mo Yes (with Free package) Proprietary plus phpBB Easy Medium
  • A guild hosting site built by WoW players for WoW players.
  • Free ad-supported member roster, phpBB, news, item hover support, and subdomain hosting.
  • Upgrade to low-cost packages for full WoW-focused in-game module DKP, raid event, item drop support and ad-free service.
  • Custom domains also available.
iGuild Websites [9] Free-$5-$19/mo Only with free package Hosted online CMS tailored for guilds & gamers Easy Extreme

Quick Links

Advanced Guild Web CMS System

  • Powerful & enhanced theme builder that allows you to customize your guild site fully
  • Upload your guild banner/logo, change font sizes, change colors background images & many more options
  • Fully advanced web CMS including page creation in HTML or WYSIWYG mode
  • Organize pages into folders
  • Add pages to the main menu
  • Add pages to the menu panel
  • Customize meta description tags for each page
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Javascripts
  • Use your own domain name (free of charge)

Powerful & Advanced Forums

  • Organize forums into categories & boards
  • Add sub-forums to boards
  • Upload attachments to your posts
  • Add polls to your topics
  • What-you-see-is-what-you-get post editor
  • Post YouTube videos
  • Post liking and commenting
  • Forum search find what you're looking for fast
  • Advanced permission controls: control who can view topics, reply to topics, create polls or upload attachments
  • Sticky topics
  • Lock topics
  • Move topics from one board to another
  • Delete topics & posts
  • Quick reply
  • Post multi-quote

Superb Theme Editing Abilities & WoW Themes

  • Loads of free WoW themes available
  • All themes are fully customizable, even on the free plan using the theme builder
  • No HTML or CSS coding needed (but you can use HTML or you like!)
  • Image uploader for theme builder
  • Multiple banner upload with transition effects
  • Banner captions
  • Multi-page editing: customize the look and style of each page
  • Multiple column layouts, use 1, 2 or 3 column layouts for each page
  • Access to the HTML template body - edit the raw HTML code

Loads of Panels & Modules - Click & Drag Interface

  • Twitter feed
  • Facebook panel
  • Online members panel
  • Todays clicks panel
  • Login/register panel
  • Active members panel
  • Most liked members panel
  • Instant chat panel
  • Donation panel with donation history list
  • Recent topics panel
  • Page counter panel
  • Timezones: add up to 10 worldwide locations
  • Poll panel
  • Roster panel
  • Custom panels in HTML or BB code
  • Member count panel
  • Web traffic graph panel
  • Mumble server status
  • TeamSpeak 3 server status
  • Newest members panel
  • Recent galleries panel
  • Event mini-calendar panel
  • Countdown panel to a certain event
  • Advanced permission controls: set who can view each panel
  • Panel renaming: rename each panel

Keep your guild updated

  • Activity feeds
  • Activity popups - get notified when a member comes online or creates a new post
  • Post regular news items
  • News archive page
  • Weekly newsletter feature - send all your members weekly newsletters directly to their email accounts
  • Send mass private messages
  • Advanced popup announcements, select what announcement to show based on multiple triggers such as member rank, number of clicks, guests only etc.

Online shopping functionality

  • Turn your guild website into an e-commerce store
  • Sell your guild merchandise
  • Add to basket
  • Checkout in multiple currencies with PayPal
  • Donation functionality

Recruit More Members

  • Build your own application page
  • Set your recruitment rules
  • Email notifications when someone applies
  • Simple reject/approve applications in admin panel
  • Save applications to review at a later date
  • Force users to apply to your guild during registration phase
  • Email notification to the user if the application was accepted or rejected
  • Specify what admins can view, approve or reject applications

Coordinate Events & Raids

  • Create unlimited events
  • Display events in large calendar and min-calendar
  • Event signup sheet
  • Reserve list: specify the maximum number of attendees for an event
  • Email reminders for events, you will receive an email 1 hour before an event starts
  • Color code events
  • Event discussion, discuss the event before the event starts
  • Advanced access controls: you decide who is allowed to attend each event

TeamSpeak 3 / Mumble / Ventrilo Voice Servers

  • Crystal clear, low latency servers
  • Over 10 locations worldwide, including US (east, central, west), Canada, EU (Amsterdam, Portugal, Denmark, Turkey, Sweden), Australia (Brisbane) and Russia
  • Choose either TeamSpeak 3, Mumble or Ventrilo
  • Slot upgrades available, upgrade to a 400 slot server maximum!

Private & Instant Chat Messaging

  • Facebook style instant chat messaging between your members
  • Block annoying members
  • Write private messages and send them to multiple members
  • Admins can mass-message all members
  • Custom smileys/emoticons

Member Profiles & Registration Capabilities

  • Member wall/activity feed
  • Member map - display your members location on a map
  • Member approval - accept or reject member registrations
  • Member awards - award your members for outstanding achievement
  • Default private messaging - send all users a PM when they register
  • Custom profile fields: design your own profiles and add additional fields
  • List of attending events
  • Member blogs: allow your members to write their own gaming blogs!
  • Ban members by IP or by account username
  • Member galleries, upload as many screenshots as you like!
  • Member groups

Advanced Access Controls

  • Allow Admin Panel access and restrict what areas your admins can access
  • Multiple ranks: assign your members multiple ranks which allows different viewing privileges around your site
  • Password protect certain areas of your site

Plus hundreds more features designed for guilds

  • Download center
  • FTP file uploading and downloading - up to 40GB file hosting space!
  • Branding features, remove iGuild Websites branding from your site and look more professional
  • Gallery slideshow
  • Shoutbox
  • Loads more...

Flexible Pricing Structure

  • 4 plans available: Free, Premium, Premium+ & Premium++
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time - no contract or tie in
  • 7 Day money back guarantee

Customer & Community Support

  • Fast customer support for premium customers
  • Fun & friendly community support forum
  • Instant chat support

iGuild Websites is the most powerful guild website CMS. Start for free!

GuildPortal [10] Free or $5-7.50/mo Yes (with Free package) ASP.NET Easy Medium
  • GuildPortal was one of the first widely used guild hosting applications and services multiple MMOs on a common platform, with additional features specific to individual games.
  • Ability to simply select a theme or to go as far as providing your own HTML and CSS to customize your site.
  • Choose between different navigation styles (tabs or side-links), and optionally provide images for the tabs.
  • Automatic integration with WoWArmory (for WoW guilds) to show your roster in an easy-to-use, AJAX-enabled style directly on your site.
  • Smart back-end matches GuildPortal user character names with Armory data to allow the sending of web-based e-mail and the display of guild-awarded medals display directly on the roster.
  • Public, Associate, Member, Officer, and Super Admin levels of security provided to ease setting the visibility of forums, news items, events, voting polls, and even entire pages.
  • Forums, voting, event scheduling, attendance tracking, integrated DKP/Raid Points, shout box, AJAX image gallery -- over 50 different types of content you can add to your pages.
  • Complete control over what content appears where.
  • Robust content management system built-in for easy member, page, and style management.
  • Game news, specific to the game you play, kept up-to-date for your automatically.
  • Ability to connect to and display remote feeds directly in your site.
  • Alliance support. Share forums and events between allied guilds.
  • Guild-defined medals to award members for completing quests in-game, attending events, being helpful, etc.
  • Integrated blogs for all guild members, linked from their forum posts and profiles on rosters, or viewable from the GuildPortal main website.
  • Cross-browser WYSIWYG editor for posting, freeform content types, and most other text entry.
  • $1 per every subscription and subscription renewal goes directly to humanitarian organizations such as Food For the Hungry and Child Rescue, fully trackable on the donations page.
  • Long-standing policy to never work with, advertise for, or otherwise associate with gold/character selling companies.
  • Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.
  • Free customer support via ticket system, or admin-to-admin help from the GuildPortal Admin Community.
  • 24-hour monitored network with redundancy and full backups.
Guild Press [11] Free or TBA Yes (with Free package) PHP Easy High
  • Guild Press is designed to create guild and gaming websites in an easy to use interface with a high level of customization options.
  • Easy to use interface allows for creation of rich pages with media, blog posts, news and more.
  • Large selection of widgets for site use.
  • 1,000+ customizable themes with several configuration options.
  • Guild Roster automatically imports data from the World of Warcraft Armory and places it on site.
  • Daily updates to add new features, themes, widgets and more.
Guildtag [12] Free No Ads ASP.Net Easy High
Pilt:Guildtagcom.gif offers ad free guild hosting for MMO guilds. You'll also have full access to our gaming social network that helps you find old friends or keep in touch with current ones.

  • Personalized Subdomain - Make your url easy to remember.
  • Ad Free - We'll never show ads on your guildsite. No lie.
  • News - Quickly show content on your homepage by marking a forum thread as "News".
  • Event Calendar - Let your members know what's coming up.
  • Forums - Full featured forums to keep your members engaged with the guild.
  • Navigation - Control what links are visible in your navigation menu and which Roles can see them.
  • Role Security - Provides ultimate flexibility to control who can see and do things on your guildsite.
  • CSS Customization - Design your guildsite to look exactly the way you want it.
  • Wowhead Tooltips - Display tooltips on your guildsite.
  • Data Widgets - You determine what, where, and how. Widget templates give you full control over how your data is displayed.
    • Forums
    • Members
    • Content
    • RSS
    • Events
    • Images

More Hosting Details

GuildToad [13] Free Yes Custom ASP.NET Easy High
  • Quick and easy signup process
  • Customizable Guild Recruitment Applications
  • Guild News section with comments support
  • Interact via chat right on the site
  • Guild Voting Polls
  • Guild Roster and Character support
  • Fully integrated with the World of Warcraft™ Armory
  • Robust Guild Forums with Character Avatars
  • Powerful Guild Calendar for scheduling Events
  • Guild Screenshots section with comments
  • Can choose a theme or use CSS to customize your website
Compare GuildToad features here.

Guildzilla [14] $7.99/mo. - $43.15/6 mos. 0 Custom Coded Easy Very
Pilt:Guildzilla Logo.png

Built exclusively for World of Warcraft Raiding, Progressive and Casual Guilds



  • Public & Private Forums
  • Guild Styled Chatroom
  • Event Calendar
  • Boss & Achievement Progression
  • Guild Information Pages
  • Picture & Video Galleries
  • Guild News Blog
  • Guild Roster
  • Recruitment Tools
  • Guild Recipes List
  • Who's On Ventrilo Widget
  • Logo Builder Tool
  • Customizable Logo & Background
  • Pre-Designed One-click Templates
  • Create your own Ranks
  • Specialty Ranks
  • 40+ Permission Settings
  • Guild Site Statistics
  • Private IM Widget
  • Private & Group Email Discussions
  • Who's Online Widget
  • Wowhead Item Link Support
  • Player Themed User Experience
  • Player Birthday Announcements
MMO Pizza [15] Free to $15/month 1 Custom PHP Easy High

Quick Links

Guild Features

  • Custom Domain name like
  • Advanced Raid Planner with templates, duplication, "one click acceptation"
  • Guild portal builder with advanced ajax, drag & drop, preview, theme customisation and more than 50 widgets...
  • Private/Public guild Forums with items link using Wowhead, ZAM and Yellow Gremlin
  • Daily Guild Statistics
  • DKP System
  • Advanced role System to fit precisely your needs

User Features

  • Ability to create characters and manage guilds on more than 10 games including Wow, Lotro, Aion, Rift...
  • Live notification system (RSS / Email / iCal / iPhone Push Notifications)
  • Mobile interface on smartphones and tablets (iOS, Androïd, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, palm webOS, Symbian...)
  • iPhone and Androïd free App
  • Charaters importation from Big platforms (Armory, Wowhead, ...)
  • Activity publication on Facebook and Twitter
  • Funny XP system
  • Powerfull Raid Planner
  • Ultimate Guild Management
  • Stunning Social Tools

... and so many more! Join Us now at

My Guild Host [16] $2.91-4.95/mo No Custom PHP CMS easy High
  • Full CSS control
  • Unlimited DKP Pooling
  • Shoutbox
  • Roster
  • Event calendar
  • Access levels (guild leader, members, etc)
  • Raid progression tracking
  • Custom profiles
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions.
  • New member application system
  • Image and media gallery
  • Custom forum system
  • RSS Reader
  • eqDKP Auto Importing
  • Optional Ventrilo Server
Shivtr [17] Free up to $19/month - - Easy Very

Quick Links

Unique Features

  • Real-time chat including emotes and slash commands, just like in game
  • Easy to use, visual theme editor to design your perfect site
  • Site & Guild activities, to keep up with everything that happens on your site
  • Detailed Audit Logs for admins, with IP tracking and easy recovery of deleted data
  • Advanced Ajax interface supporting drag and drop, live previews, in-place editing and more
  • Google Map of member locations around the world

Wow Specific Features

  • Wowhead Item Tooltips available throughout the site
  • Server Status & Server Alerts
  • Detailed Character Profiles with Armory data shown with each character
  • Guld Activities auto populated from changes on the Armory
  • Easy DKP tracking with CTRaidTracker

Common Features

  • Communicate with forums, chat, polls, private messages, groups, journals and guild news
  • Organize your guild with events, guild bank, dkp, progressions and custom pages
  • Design your perfect site with our theme editor, or choose from 1000+ premade themes
  • Layout your site and choose from over 100 blocks including shoutboxes, ventrilo, polls and more
  • Admin control has never been easier with our admin panel

... and lots, lots more! Check us out today at * [18] free Banner FluxBB + Custom portal Easy Medium
  • Homepage with guild news and recruitment status
  • Guild news RSS
  • Full featured FluxBB forums
  • Display Item links in forums, using WoWHead

WoW Guilds [19] 9.88$/m-19.88$ No PHP CMS Easy Very Epic Level Hosting

FULL TURNKEY WEBSITES BY THE PROS AT WOWGUILDS.CA Stunning Designer Guild templates and hosting, Joomla templates are included FREE with our hosting packages at Everything is fully pre-configured, we have done all the hard work for you so you can spend more time playing WoW and less time building your website, we offer industry leading tech support with free Skype voice chat support. We provide easy to follow Joomla video tutorials that were made special for our site installs, don’t settle for second best.

WoW Guild V3 Multi Language Template with World Class Hosting!


WoW V3 Multi Language Template w/ World Class Hosting includes FREE Stunning 24 - in - 1 WoW V3 Joomla 1.5 Template. View All Styles here

Advanced Language Support Joomla 1.5 Wow Guild Websites [V3]

We have pre installed the following languages into our New V3 Wow Guilds Joomla 1.5 sites: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Netherlands, Norwegian, Portuguese and Russian. Don't see your language? Contact us to see if it is available as new languages are always being added.

Social Networking Functionality

  • New Community Based Social Networking Functionality
  • Stunning 24 - In - 1 WOW Guilds Template design
  • Template Styles can be changed thru the back-end
  • New Adjustable Width Template - Ideal for wide screen monitors (can be set to any width)
  • "CAPTCHA" Registration for better protection against spammers
  • New Instant Messaging System with ability to Instant Message all registered members at once, 1000MB & 2000MB sites ONLY.
  • Auto Welcome message for new members; get your new members up-to speed fast, 1000MB & 2000MB sites ONLY.
  • New Chat Room (2000MB sites ONLY)
  • New Donation tracking System View All Styles here

Member Features

  • Support for animated and Non-Animated avatars
  • New "Search" Option to find members and Alts in the Guild
  • Awards System that links to members profile (if awarded)
  • Add your own custom Awards or use our pre-loaded awards
  • Each Member has his/her own profile page with tabs:
  • Member Portrait (Animated/Non-Animated Support)
  • Member Ranks, Race, Level, First Profession, Second Profession and Alts Support.
  • Each Member has his/her own Photo Gallery
  • Recent Forum posts and Active posts in Profile tab
  • Member Profile Book to add profile comments
  • Members Awards display in profiles with awards
  • Members Own Blog Page
  • Member Profile Wall
  • Instant Messaging Tab, 1000MB & 2000MB sites ONLY. View All Styles here

Site Features

  • Full Avatar support with On-line/Offline status and private messaging links
  • New Guild Leaders module with Avatars, Guild Ranking and Level indicator
  • New Featured Members module with Avatars, Ranking and Level indicator
  • New Online Members Status with linked Avatars, Character Level, Profession and PM's links
  • New Members Blog module, displays recent blog postings from members
  • Customizable Questionnaire required for joining your site
  • Members cannot enter site until approved by guild leader if set
  • New Forums and Forum skin Icons.
  • Full You Tube Video movie support through an advanced plug-in
  • New Recent Members Module with Avatars
  • New who's On-line Module with Avatars and private messaging link.
  • Pure/unique Databases for every site that means your members WILL get their names!!!
  • EQDKP Plus Available
  • and Much More!
New 72-in-1 Multi Template!
New Next Generation Cataclysm Template 24 - In- 1 Design!
View ALL 24 Skins!

New Boss Progression Module 3.3 Icecrown Citadel Included w/ All Sites

View Boss Progression Module 3.3 with tool-tips and Boss Images!

WoW Guilds Features Continued:


  • NEW Fully Automatic Armory Roster Importer
  • Web Mail & real e-mail support with your website
  • FREE Sub domain or use your own domain
  • Flash animated header that can be updated anytime
  • Easily embed "You Tube" & "Google" movies into your site.
  • Add MP3’s and Videos anywhere, including your forums!
  • NEW Advanced Guild Recruitment component with Reviews Plug-in
  • New Raid Progression Module!
  • New Event Calendar Module!
  • New Guild Leaders Module!
  • Pre-configured Designer Templates
  • New Forum component with wow icons and Item Stats, great new look with many new features
  • Armory Roster and Guild Stats
  • PayPal Guild Donattions Module
  • Guild Recruitment Module
  • Ventrilo and TeamSpaek Server Status module
  • WoW News Feeds right on your front page
  • Gallery Component with slide show feature
  • Picture scroller for the front page
  • Shout BOX for the front page - available
  • Private messaging for registered members of your site - available
  • DKP Add-on
  • Armory Tools
  • Item stats
  • WoWHead Tool Tips
  • Full Wrapper feature, wrap any website into yours
  • Free North America wide callbacks
  • Free Skype Voice Chat Support
  • Plus many more features…
  • WOW Guilds
  • This site claims that you retain rights to user submitted content but will not provide you with any way to actually retrieve it.
  • Host with them as they do have very nice looking templates, but only if you do not care about being able to move to another host. [20] One Time Payment! Own It! NO CONTENT MANAGEMENT EASY HIGH


Tired of spending hours upon hours trying to configure your WoW Guilds? Look no more! Our pre-configured WoW Guilds get's you going in 24 hours or less. For a limited only, You can now purchase our WoW Guild Websites and OWNED IT! No hosting through us is required. Installed it on your own web server with step by step easy installation guide. Your WoW Guild website will include all the necessary components for you to run a successful guild website - Please visit our website for more information on how to get your own WoW Guilds template.

Wrath of the Lich King Template
Burning Crusade Alliance Template
Burning Crusade Horde Template
Classic 1 Template
Classic 2 Template
  • Vent Status module! - New!
  • Dynamic Flash Gallery with Audio/ Video! - New!
  • WOW Armory and Roster Integration - New!
  • Recruitment Module - New!
  • Guild Members Signups (Front End)
  • Raid Ninja (Raids Manager)
  • Guild Bank Integration
  • Cutting Edge Forum
  • YouTube Video Integration
  • Thottbot Search
  • Shout Box/ Live Chat
  • 5 STUNNING template designs!
  • And more!
WowStead [21] Free or $7.50mo Depends ARMORY INTEGRATED EASY HIGH

The world's only fully armory-integrated guild hosting service made for WoW guilds alone!

WowStead is one of the newest, yet most popular, guild hosting services around. Because it's fully armory integrated, it updates itself. Get one of the best looking guild websites around and best of all it's FREE. With a focus solely on World of Warcraft guilds, your site will provide all of the features a WoW guild could ever need with one click of a button. Experienced web designers love WowStead as it gives access to the CSS styling of the guild sites, granting you full control over all images, colors, fonts and anything else on the site -- you can even completely change the layout of the content.

  • Currently FREE with advertisements or $7.50 per month without advertisements.
  • Amazing pre-installed templates to choose from.
  • Skinning system allows customizing of templates even further.
  • Those who know CSS get full control over their sites appearance from images, colors, fonts and even layout.
  • Install modules with one click, including:
    • Forums
    • News
    • Roster
    • Recruiting
    • Professions
    • Raid history
    • Event schedule and registration
    • Polls
    • Progression
    • Ventrilo/Teamspeak
    • WowJutsu
    • Guild bank
    • Image gallery and many more.
  • Item links with special statistics built right into your guild site.
  • Controlled through an easy-to-use administration panel with file uploading and more.
  • Character profiles showing armory details and much more, such as raid attendance, gear rating, drops, etc.
  • Fully armory integrated - the roster and character profiles update themselves!
  • Private messaging

With over 200,000 happy users, you can't go wrong! [22] Free None ASP.NET AJAX, Custom Backend  ?  ?
  • Event Calendar & Signups system
    • Has non-signup lists (to see whos slacking) and sortable attendance numbers.
  • Unlimited File/Screenshot/Video Storage and Sharing.
    • Good for sharing mods and fraps's with guildmates.
  • Flexible but easy to use Theme Tool
    • Supports CSS
  • Applicant Filing System
    • Customizable application form and ability for officers to comment on and review applicants.
  • Forums
    • Wowhead Tooltips
    • Armory information shows up near each persons avatar for easy visibility.
  • Create unlimited custom pages.
    • Supports your choice of HTML, BBCode, or plain text.
    • Fully customize your guild navigation, including link placement of your custom pages and built-in pages.
    • Each page can be configured to be public or members-only.
  • Easy support for adding your alts or twinks.
  • Personalized RSS feed with your guild's latest updates and member joins.
  • Support for other games. Second Life, Warhammer Online, and others!
  • Spawnzone personal profile & wall. Social networking with other players.
    • Personal Blogging for your Characters (w/RSS Syndication)
  • Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX technology with custom back-end layer.
  • Free!

Home Page What Is A Zuild? About Us Page

Content management systems Edit

A CMS is most commonly known as a forum engine, but just a forum is not enough for most guilds anymore. Galleries, news items, managed articles, downloads, uploads, and other utilities are often in high demand. Most CMSs support themes to change how they look and feel to better fit your guild's personality.

Name Cost/Month Ads Technology Difficulty Flexibility
DragonflyCMS [23] Free - php, mysql Medium High
DragonflyCMS is similar to phpnuke but offers many performance enhancements and optimizations to make it faster and much more secure. Modules included with the base install are forums, photo gallery, News. You are able to upgrade the News and Forums with pro versions that offer an array of optimizations that will suite any site. Third party modules for WoW include native ports of WoWRoster, ItemStats and Guild Application. Other third party modules include BBCode Hacks.
Nuke - Free - php, mysql Medium High

There are many flavors of Nuke out there, and I will do my best to link Nuke sites that are popular and stable. I am not as familiar with this system, but I know it is a popular one. I know it supports forums, but I am not sure what else. There are many WoW related modules for the Nuke systems.

DotNetNuke [24] Free - .NET (VB.NET or C#), SQL Server (either Express or full version) Medium High
DotNetNuke (DNN) is an open-source CMS built on the .NET Framework [25]. The portal has its roots on the ASP IBuySpy sample project, which spawned several CMS communities. DNN builds on the ASP.NET framework to allow module development and skin creation. Modules and skins are available both free from the DNN community or for purchase via either Snowcovered or the DNN Marketplace, both DNN module clearinghouses.

One of the larger appeals of using DNN is the large number of modules produced by the DNN core team that are included and maintained by core team members [26]. Modules of interest to WoW guild webmasters include:

The v4.5.x release of DNN adds AJAX capabilities via ASP.NET AJAX (formerly known as 'Atlas') to allow for more interactive experiences for page browsers, and the ability to do partial rendering, which allows for one module to perform an AJAX refresh without having all modules on a page refresh.

e107 [27] Free - php, mysql Medium High
e107 has a full offering of forums, a calendar, news, articles, uploads/downloads. It also has a very robust permissions system that will allow tons of flexibility in allowing your guild to contribute things to the website. This is the engine I have chosen for my guild to use. AddOns and Mods are also readily available for this engine, as well as easily developed.
Joomla [28] Free - php, mysql Medium High
Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable. There is huge support on the internet for Joomla, and there are hundreds of addons. Integration with armory, EQDKP, and SMF (popular forum software) or PhpBB is a snap.
Joomla Extensions [29] Free-8€ (No subscription) - - Medium High offers most flexible and advanced WoW extensions for Joomla 1.0.x, 1.5.x and the new Joomla 1.7.x.

It offers the following really flexible modules / components for your guild website based on Joomla:

  • WoW Top Ten Achiervers (Displays your top 10 / top 5 achievers [free])
  • WoW Progress (Displays your raid progression. From manually to fully automatic from your eqdkp data [8€])
  • WoW Recruitment (Advanced guild recruitment [5€])
  • WoW Latest Loot (Your latest loot with spent dkp, date and buyer. Pulls data from your eqdkp installation [5€])
  • WoW World of Logs (Displays your latest uploaded raids to in a handy module [3€])

Mambo [30] Free - php, mysql Medium High
Mambo is a full featured CMS engine.
Drupal [31] Free - php, mysql Medium High
Drupal is a free software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Too many features to list here. Drupal, benefits from a wide range of addon modules. Check website for details.
Wordpress [32] Free - php, mysql Simple Medium
A very straight forward tool, this is more intended for blogging, but some people prefer it. It's power comes from the various plug-ins available for the user. There are dozens of themes also available to skin your wordpress site the way you like it. A WoW skin is in the works as of this edit.

phpWebSite [33] Free Yes - - -
An open source web site content management system intended for community websites. It is run by Appalachian State University. Although not designed for gaming, the features are similiar to what many will find on guild website hosting services.

Raid management and DKP Edit

Raid management is a common requirement for guilds participating in most MMOs which have heavy PVE content. World of Warcraft is a prime example with its rich PVE encounters which are heavy on commitment and time requirements. Raid Managers are now available which speed up the process of managing raiding. DKP (Dragon Kill Points) is a way of fairly sharing loot based on effort/commitment.

Name Cost/Month Ads Technology Difficulty Flexibility

Raidbuilder [34] Free No Hosted with XML feeds and local data backup low High

Raidbuilder homepage

An established, popular and free web based raid management system for World of Warcraft.


  • Schedule raids (Signup based or hand picked by raid officers based on availability)
  • Fully configurable DKP, create your own or use common systems
  • Offspec DKP, DKP adjustments and DKP bonuses with reserve balances
  • Email Notifications for new events and published teams
  • Manage instance lockouts
  • Raid templates for class balance including builds and talents
  • Character profiles (stats and builds) automatically updated from Blizzard Armory
  • Lots of statistics including attendance, availability and times on the bench
  • Manage a Regular Raid Team separately from casual raiding
  • CT Raidtracker logs importing
  • Backup data locally to keep your data safe (and of course restore too)
  • Webmaster tools, Realtime boss kills, roster and events feeds for your website
  • Integrated boss tactics links

EQDKP Plus [35]  ?  ? php, mysql low High
Next Generation Eqdkp System especial for World of Warcraft!

A site specialized for tracking DKP for your guild. They have WoW specific data, so you can do quick comparisons of DKP scores based on armor types (cloth/leather/chain/plate). I am using this solution as well. Features: Tier 4+5+6 Renderimages, WoW-Class/Race Icons, WoWHead+Armory Itemstats Support and many more. See Live Demo

EQDKP [36]  ?  ? php, mysql medium medium
A site specialized for tracking DKP for your guild. They have WoW specific data, so you can do quick comparisons of DKP scores based on armor types (cloth/leather/chain/plate).

NDKP [37]  ?  ? php, mysql medium medium
Another 0 sum DKP system based on EQDKP but rebuilt for World of Warcraft. The standard install includes everything you will need to get this working in WoW. Includes built in User Interface options that make spending and calculating DKP very easy while in the raid.

J2DKP [38]  ?  ? Joomla Plugin, Mambot/Component low high
Bridge integration system for Joomla and EQDKP,EQDKP Plus.

J2DKP is a must have plugin if you are running Joomla Guild or Clan website with EQDKP/ EQDKP Plus. This easy to use plugin is a straight forward integration tool that makes your registration seamless and automatic. No hacking of database involved. Easy plugin install for Joomla 1.0.X and 1.5.X.

Guild Launch "Rapid Raid" [39]  ?  ? php, mysql low high
Rapid Raid is a premium DKP system that is integrated with the [Guild Launch] guild hosting application. It was designed to speed the import of raid details from any MMORPG and it has the ability to adapt to many popular DKP versions. Rapid Raid also has the option of using a CT_RaidTraker version that imports World Of Warcraft data directly into the Rapid Raid system. Rapid also offer sever levels of integrated raid stats throughout the Guild Hositing App.

RAID UI [40]  ?  ?  ?  ? high
Not tested. A flexible DKP ingame/website tool
GuildOrchestrator [41]  ? No PHP/MySQL/AJAX low high
Integrated all in one guild management tool. Includes Raid Planner, DKP, Raid Analysis, Guild Analysis + Statistics and more. Powered by a PHP5 and MySQL backend with a user friendly but extremely powerful AJAX web application UI. Designed to simplify the guild management and organisation process giving you more time to spend on raiding. Still in heavy development but requires feedback from potential end users. Public BETA coming soon, check the forum for more information.
PugPlug [42] FREE No  ? low Med
PugPlug homepage

I have a family, and hence often have problems with keeping my commitments to guild raids, I also have little time to dedicate to playing overall, so I tend to be less favorable when it comes to guild runs. Because of that I often find myself in a PUG, being a rogue, however, it is hard to find a group, unless I organize it myself, or piggy back my brother-leet-tankadin. The problem with PUGing using /lfr is that you have to sit online for hours looking for a group, or building one yourself. I figured there are have to be people with the same issue. So I dug around hoping there is a PUG scheduling tool already. I did find two: one wasn’t updated for WoTLK, one was in closed beta, so I decided to build one myself. Everybody I know thought this might be a good idea. Now, why?

  • You can schedule a raid or sign up for one from work.
  • You have more certainty if your participation have been confirmed (many times I sign up for a guild run, and loose my spot to a higher-ranking guildmate).
  • There are actually benefits to be in a PUG – since there is no points (i.e. DKP of some sort) system, those who run less (like myself) have a chances to get a loot equal to those who can afford spending every day in the game (of cause, part that sucks is that you never know if your PUG will work).

Check out post about PUG raiding (

Forums systems Edit

Name Cost/Month Ads Technology Difficulty Flexibility

phpBB3 [43] free no php, mysql Medium High
Since its creation in 2000, phpBB™ has become the most widely used Open Source forum solution. Like its predecessors, phpBB™ 3.0 “Olympus” has an easy to use administration panel and a user friendly installation process, which allows you to have a forum set up in minutes. With a large and highly customisable set of key features coupled with a standards compliant interface, phpBB™ will grow with, and complement your website. With millions of installations worldwide, it is no wonder phpBB™ is one of the most popular ways to create and support a community.
  • Template sites
  • Useful phpBB Modifications:


A Dragon Kill system Mod for your phpBB3 Bulletin board.

It evolved from Eqdkp to help guilds in MMORPGs (Massive(ly) Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) track guild members attendance, item purchases and other statistics. It updates and brings together the Dkp/game managment facilites of EQdkp, and integrates them with phpBB3's facilites. This means your users gain single sign on to dkp and phpbb, and you as an administrator or raidleader gain a clean interface, robust admin facilities and less integration headaches. The framework supports multiple games : World of Warcraft, The Lord of the Rings Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Vanguard - Saga of Heroes, EverQuest I/II, Warhammer Online, Final Fantasy XI, AION.

  • Current features (1.1)
  • Point Standings, Raids, Events, Item values, Item history, and Stats, Boss progress
  • Multiple Dkp Pools, Multiple Guilds,
  • Loot distribution systems supported : *Standard DKP*, *Zero-sum*
  • Recruitment Plugin, with customisable questionnaire, ACP controlled;
  • EQDKP importer (from EQDKP 1.3.2 and EQDKP Plus).
  • bbTips plugin , providing WowHead-style Tooltips (Item, Craft, Spell, Quest, Achievements)
  • ArmoryUpdater Plugin, connects to blizzard or aion armory
  • New Raidtracker Plugin, accepts XML from headcount and ct_Raidtracker
  • Portal with Blocks, phpBB breadcrumbs navigation

vBulletin [44] not free  ? php, mysql Medium High
More advanced than phpBB this software is not free, but well worth the price if you have some funding available. One of the most customizable web forums available today includes build in calendars customizable user profiles and themes with built in editor.
  • Useful vBulletin Modifications:

Simple Machines [45]  ?  ? php, mysql Easy High
It's more flexible than phpBB though theming can be a little trickier. No portal system, but a few of the more popular portal systems like Mambo/Joomla, Xoops etc have scripts (bridges) built for you to integrate the forum with the portal.

There's also a very simple but effective portal for SMF called TinyPortal (website

  • Useful Simple Machines Modifications:

Snitz Forums [46]  ?  ?  ? Easy Medium
Most of the features are simple, however, when dealing with detailed tasks, it may become a bit tricky. Easy to setup, good support, and endless add-ons. The add-ons get more complicated but the basic forums are easy.

Burning Board [47] Not free None  ? Easy Medium
An inexpensive piece of software with moderate flexibility. Though lacking in functions maintained by phpbb and InvisionFree, it does have customizable skins and an incredible ease of use. There are no ads for the service.

InvisionFree [48] Free Banner php, CMS, mysql Easy High
A customizable web forum. InvisionFree is owned by Invision, which recently merged with MindSet. It is freely hosted on InvisionFree's servers. It includes a built-in calendar, support tickets, news portals, and a warn system. It also includes customizable skins, images, smilies, and a logo. It has the ability to maintain and integrate mods and addons that allow for multiple skin selections, games, etc. Unlike vBulletin and phpbb, InvisionFree has a built-in multi-moderation system, which is a quick way to perform several moderation functions with a single click. Though easy to set up, it lacks extreme functionality and a complex interface. You also have the ability to upgrade your webforum into an Invision forum (which allows for editing almost every detail of the forum for a fee), though your forum will not be hosted by their free servers when this process is complete.

Web utilities Edit

Name Cost/Month Ads Technology Difficulty Flexibility
Guild emblem tabard generator [49] free no none Very Easy High
Create a guild emblem based on your guilds current in-game tabard design. This is 100% automatically. Just enter your guild name and see the result. Can be used as signature or on your guilds website.

PHP WoW Armory API [50] free no php Very Easy High
This is a complete API to access World of Warcraft armory at This also includes cache control, so you can keep below the daily request limit. Can also generate guild emblems png matching your guild tabard. Extremely easy to use.

Axho WoW Feeds [51] free no php, jquery, html, css Very Easy High
Feeds for your guild / portal website! Easy to implement. Guild Roster / Guild Activity / Realm Status / Service Status and more available in JSON, XML and raw HTML feeds.

WoW Signature Generator [52] free no php, jquery Very Easy High
Featuring over 70+ visually distinct styles to choose from, real-time character signature previews with dynamic style & color selection. Configure 6 stats. Signatures update every 24 hours.
Warcraft Signature Maker [53] free no jquery Very Easy High
Over 90 stats to pick from, upload your own backgrounds, pick your own colors and more. No watermark.
WoW Signature Generator [54] free Yes php, mysql Very Easy High
Offers a tool to create Hi-Quality Image Signatures for World of Warcraft guild & community forums.

Guild Reviews [55] free No php, mysql Very Easy High
Are you looking for a Guild, but have no idea where to start? Are you sick of apping and then figuring out that the GM is a control freak and you won't have loot for 6mos? Tell us your stories!

Guild Reviews.

Recruit Gamers [56] free Yes php, mysql Very Easy High - Recruitment Simplified
Pilt:RecG site.gif

World of Warcraft Recruitment Redefined!

Tired of recruitment forums? Are you a guild recruitment officer who has to search through forums every day to look for apps? Do you spend 30minutes every day bumping your recruitment post?
Or are you a player looking for a guild that matches your progress, playtimes and ideology? Stop wasting your time on the various recruitment forums! Use RG's powerful filter system to find exactly the guild or applicant you're looking for. Create your listing today and start enjoying World of Warcraft again!


  • Designed for ease of use!
  • Support for both PvE and PvP!
  • Create both Guild AND Player listings!
  • Powerful filter system: Find exactly what you're looking for!
  • Our forms include ALL the info recruiters and players want to know about!
  • Stuck? Video Guides help you making the most of the site!
  • Integrated PM system: Protect your privacy!
  • Optional support for all major instant messaging services!
  • Completely 100% FREE!

Made by Gamers for Gamers!
Recruit Gamers - Recruitment Simplified.

RPG Outfitter [57]  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
They've got all the usual stuff: recipes, quests, inventory, vault, mail, bank requests. Remote Services (integrating their data into your web site so there's only one log in) is in beta, Character Pics (so you can see your character pic on your profile there) and they're playing around with sigs (you just need to add the image tag in your sig) but they're not customizable, yet. You can use the Uniuploader executable which will keep your character profile up to date automatically.

Character Profile

Guild Profiler [58] free  ? php, mysql  ?  ?

A 100% free guild recruitment tool. Our advanced search engine makes "looking for guild forums" obsolete. No more bumping threads, or digging through posts hoping to find what you need. We have a huge listing of guilds that are recruiting right now, or you can place your own ad, and lets guilds fight over you. Every one of our ads are searchable by:
server type
time zone
raid start time and
raid end time
All ads that are posted will expire after a time unless they are updated, (kept current) or they will disapear. is your ultimate guild recruitment resource.

WoW Roster [59]  ?  ? php, mysql medium high
An open source project for guild and character profiling. They have a very active group of developers building both the basic system as well as many Mods and AddOns. They have solutions for Guild Banks, reputation, crafting lists, etc. They use the same UI Mods as RPGO does: CharacterProfiler and GuildProfiler. UniUploader as well as a Java version, jUniUploader, are available for this utility.

DotNetWarcraft: WoW Guild Roster [60] Free None ASP.NET, SQL Server Low Medium
An open source project for guild/character profiling, built to use with the DotNetNuke (DNN) CMS system. The project consists of multiple assemblies (DLLs) that allow it to be repurposed and extended to run on any .NET-based application (either web or desktop-based). Currently, only the DNN module is currently available - packaged as a standard DNN-public assembly (PA), which can be uploaded and installed. Configuration includes adding your guild into the module control panel, configuring the module display (which view type and which guilds to show), and setting up the polling service (no coding/customization required).

The project allows a DNN-based guild portal to gather/store/display one or multiple guilds/characters/stats/reputations. Information is downloaded from the WoW Armory server (via the WoW Armory Parser project). The code also includes a DNN service, to allow the guild portal to pull and update it's information from the WoW Armory on a regular basis (e.g., every 6-12 hours) to keep your guild roster up to date for you.

Out of the box, the code provides the ability to display guild characters by class, profession, guild rank, and reputation. On top of the groupings, the module allows for tagging of alt and main characters (and linking them to DNN users) so that the lists can show 'only mains' (for lists such as 'here are the guild officers', where you don't want to display all of the officer alts).

The current release of the code allows for the gathering and storage of the guild information in a database. To increase performance, the code uses custom caching to store the data, and uses AJAX for the user experience (Javascript and web services are used to eliminate postbacks and provide immediate feedback, as well as providing 'tooltip' on-hover boxes to show character information). Plans are to expand the functionality of the codebase post-release to include guild bank and guild calendar.

CTProfile [61]  ?  ? Hosted low medium
Build a roster of your guild characters with all their gear, skills and talents. Also useful to demonstrate specific builds with gear to provide as examples for up and coming guild members.

Currently unavailable.

WoW Character Info Generator [62]  ?  ? iframe low low
A widget allowing players to show detailed information about their characters, using data from World of Warcraft's armory. Your characters stats, talents, professions, gear and pvp stats are all included. The widget is compact and runs from an iframe, making it easy to embed on your website, blog or online profile.

Wow Web Stats [63] some free  ? php  ?  ?
WoW Web Stats lets you generate rich raid statistics from Combat Logs, that you can host on your forum and discuss after the raid for improving fighting techniques and player's specs.

phpRaider [64]  ?  ? php, mysql  ?  ?
phpRaider is a calendar version of phpRaid which allows you to create, edit, and then sign up for raids. It includes, among other things, icon and SQL table setups for Alliance, Horde, or both. With it, you're able to link the authentication options for almost all of the content management systems stated above and then some. Completely customizable and stable, it's only shortcoming is the limited support from the developers and a slight learning curve. Do not try this if you don't have at least basic knowledge of adding SQL databases/tables or editing PHP files. There isn't a lot of editing right out of the box but if you require assistance, expect the only help to come from the user base.

Alt5 [65] free  ? HTML iframes low medium
Alt5 (public beta) offers widgets that can be inserted into guild websites as iframes. Widget functionality includes web-based DKP, tradeskill/crafting/profession search, raid/event planning, and messaging (email and text messaging). Alt5 supports the RPGO guild and character profiler addons for easy upload of guild rosters and character info (such as recipes and bank items). Alt5 can also be used as a stand-alone solution for guilds that do not have their own website.

DKP for DotNetNuke [66] Free None ASP.NET, SQL Server Low Medium
A DKP module for the DotNetNuke Content Management system has finally arrived. The module emphasizes providing a simple user interface that packs a punch. The module interfaces with WoW Armory and WoW Head to make setting up Instances, Mobs, Items, and Drops a breeze. Nearly a year in the making, the module boosts a proven track record of success. The development team is always open to suggestions for how to improve the module, and is fairly responsive to the community's needs. This DKP system also supports multiple DKP systems running in the same work space for those guilds that prefer to use content based DKP systems.
WowPhpToolsWebService [67] free None HTML javascript low high
This service offers JSONP access to the Armory and WoW Heroes. In normal language this means that it is possible to use Armory and Wow Heroes features by just using javascript, no serverside coding is required. There are two example Javascript Widgets available one for the Armory and one for Wow Heroes which both show a guild roster listing.
LFGuild [68] Free None PHP, MySQL Very Easy High - Stop searching. Start finding.

Stop searching. Start finding.

The recruitment process in World of Warcraft can at times be one of the most testing aspects of the game. It makes and breaks guilds on a daily basis and is a time drain for both guilds seeking new players and players seeking new guilds.

LFGuild was built with the aim of easing the burden of recruitment by providing the most comprehensive set of tools available. Our tools allow for both guilds and players to manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish on the site, while automating as much of the process as possible.

LFGuild is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our users by refining and expanding our tools and features to further tame the recruitment process. We aim to the be the best destination for WoW recruitment.

Key features::

  • Set up custom filters within your account to receive alerts of the latest recruitment activity
  • Subscribe to realms or specific guilds
  • Uses The Armoury to automatically retrieve player and guild information to provide accurate profile information
  • Unique and innovative verification system. Ensure players and guilds are who they claim to be.
  • Articles and recruitment tips aimed at both guilds and players
  • Generate application forms with the click of a button - no more cumbersome forum posts, manage the entire process on LFGuild
  • WoW-esque guild permissions system allowing officers and members to help manage recruitment from within the unique guild control panel
  • Private messaging system to allow for easy and private communication between users
  • Developers' API allowing for tools and widgets to be built using LFGuild's data. Integrate your guild's recruitment status with your website.
  • Class and spec demand graph.

LFGuild - Stop Searching. Start Finding.

PB-Roster [69] free None PHP, MYSQL, Joomla low high

PB-Roster is a World of Warcraft Guild Roster for both Guilds and Communities which utilizes the popular CMS Joomla. PB-Roster fetches its data from the official WoW Armory and saves this in your own database. The data can then be used to display a list of members in your guild or community and can be extended to various other places in your website where only your imagination sets the limit. The PB-Roster have its own front-end admin interface which provide standard admin tasks and settings.

WoW Activity Feed [70] free None RSS low high
WoW Activity Feed

This site provides an RSS feed of activity for your WoW character and/or guild. The feed can be used to produce a twitter feed or facebook page updates. Or just viewed in an RSS reader.

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