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Halaa is a capturable town located on a plateau in Nagrand. The faction controlling the town receives a zone-wide +5% damage buff, and gains access to the NPCs spawned inside Halaa; the opposing faction can attempt to lay siege to Halaa by first killing all 15 of the NPC guards, then outnumbering the faction controlling Halaa on the island itself.

Besieging HalaaEdit

There are four capturable wyvern roosts located around Halaa that can be captured to bombard the plateau from above, aiming to kill the 15 NPC guards. Each wyvern flight gives you 10 fire bombs, which do ~1000 damage on impact, and then a 1% of Max HP as a damage over time area affect (which is mainly intended to kill off the guards, which have slightly over 1 million health points). The faction defending Halaa can destroy the wyvern roosts and attempt to ambush players returning from a bomb run; it is advisable to save one bomb for the landing to reveal any would-be ambushers (the bomb's effect on players, however, is rather negligible). Killed defender NPCs will eventually respawn.

Note that while the bomb effect is negligible to players beyond the original ~1000 hp initial hit, SHOULD they continue to stand in the fire spot, it creates they will continue taking ~1000 hp every few seconds. The effect is negligible only should they move away after the initial hit.

Once all 15 NPC defenders are dead, a LocalDefense/WorldDefense message "Halaa is defenseless!" signifies that Halaa may be captured by having more players than the opposing faction on the plateau itself.

As of patch 2.4, a daily quest is available to earn 209 honor from killing 10 enemy players in Halaa. The quest is acquired from Lakoor near the jail in Telaar for the Alliance, or from Karrtog in Garadar for the Horde. This quest can be completed within a raid group.

Battle and Research TokensEdit

For each PvP kill near Halaa, you receive a [Halaa Battle Token]. You receive Battle Tokens for a PvP kill only if you or a member of your group deals the killing blow. While your faction controls Halaa, you can trade in 10 [Oshu'gun Crystal Powder] for one [Halaa Research Token] at Halaa itself. These tokens can be traded in for rewards when Halaa is controlled by your faction.



Alliance Crest When controlled by the Alliance Edit

Notable items sold in Halaa for goldEdit

[Halaani Grimshot]
[Halaani Razorshaft]
[Halaani Whiskey]
[Halaani Claymore]
[Avenging Blades]
[Don Amancio's Heart]
[Design: Mystic Dawnstone]

Horde Crest When controlled by the HordeEdit

Notable items sold in Halaa for goldEdit

[Halaani Grimshot]
[Halaani Razorshaft]
[Halaani Whiskey]
[Arkadian Claymore]
[The Sharp Cookie]
[Don Rodrigo's Heart]
[Design: Mystic Dawnstone]


Purchasable from quartermasters.

Halaa Rewards
Plate Armor 20 16px 1 16px [Avenger's Waistguard] [Slayer's Waistguard]
40 16px 2 16px [Avenger's Legplates] [Slayer's Legguards (PvP)]
Mail Armor 20 16px 1 16px [Marksman's Belt] [Stormbreaker's Girdle]
40 16px 2 16px [Marksman's Legguards] [Stormbreaker's Leggings]
Leather Armor 20 16px 1 16px [Shadowstalker's Sash] [Dreamstalker Sash]
40 16px 2 16px [Shadowstalker's Leggings] [Dreamstalker Leggings]
Cloth Armor 20 16px 1 16px [Hierophant's Sash]
40 16px 2 16px [Hierophant's Leggings]
Bags 8 16px [Halaani Bag]
Alchemy Recipes 2 16px [Recipe: Elixir of Ironskin]
Jewelcrafting Recipes 4 16px [Design: Steady Talasite]
Jewels 100 16px [Sublime Mystic Dawnstone]
Talbuk Mounts 70 16px 15 16px [Dark Riding Talbuk]
100 16px 20 16px [Dark War Talbuk]

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