Half-night elves
Character classesArcher, Druid, Mage [citation needed], Priest [citation needed], Warrior [citation needed],Hunter [citation needed], Death Knight [citation needed]
Racial capitalUnknown
Racial leader(s)Unknown
Racial mountSaber
Primary language(s)Darnassian, Common
Secondary language(s)Any
Average height2.15 meters/7 feet

Half-night elves, or half-kaldorei,[1] are the offspring of night elves and another species (such as humans).

Background Edit

Only a short period of time has passed since the Horde and Alliance joined forces with the night elves to repel the attack upon Nordrassil. As such, night elves and humans have not found sufficient time to mingle and produce adult offspring. This does not mean that half-night elves do not exist, though they would only be young children. Even with longer-term contact, they may be expected to be far rarer than half-elves, because night elf men would prefer their own women over human women,[citation needed] and night elf women, while very attractive, tend to be considerably taller than human men.

They look more like night elves than human. Half-night elves appear to have pale or glowing eyes, and ears that are shorter and more blunt than night elves. Rare half-elves born of human-night elf unions most often follow a path of druidism and gain their spells from the power of nature. Half-night elves are able to shadowmeld, they can draw on their night elf heritage, and can blend into the shadows.[2][3] Adult half-night elves would have to have been born from the primitive human race, the azotha (because of human genes, they may not have lived to present day).

Languages Edit

Half-night elves can speak Darnassian and Common like their parents. Like all half-elves, these half-elves are versatile wanderers and pick up many different languages.[3]

Specific IndividualsEdit

  • Feulia is described as half-kaldorei. If her other half is human, her human parent would have to have been an early human or a human that explored Kalimdor before the Third War, or the story has to take place some time in the future. Alternatively, she may be half-satyr.
  • Lelior and his mother - Half-night elf half-troll. His mother is said to be a half-troll. While it may only be a "your mother joke", he doesn't deny it.[4]


  • Thel'danis, a high elf with the appearance of a night elf, a half-night elf half-high elf, or half-night elf?

Class NoteEdit

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Due to the confirmed existence of only one it may be speculated that if both humans (for humans are the most common race to breed with high elves so it stands to reason the same would hold true for night elves) and night elves can be a particular class, then a half-Kaldorei can be that particular class as well.


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