48px Pilt:Neutral 15.png Intense Cold Achievement points::10 Achievement points
Defeat Keristrasza in The Nexus on Heroic Difficulty without allowing Intense Cold to reach more than two stacks.

Intense Cold is a Lich King heroic achievement needed for the Glory of the Hero achievement, rewarding the Reins of the Red Proto-Drake. Keristrasza is the final boss in the Nexus.

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Movement breaks Intense Cold, so just keep strafing/jumping/moving, and avoid spells with long cast times. If you get rooted by Crystal Chains, use Free Action Potion or PvP trinket or whichever class/racial abilities you have to get out of movement-impairing effects. If you have a priest in the group, have all group members stand close to each other and use Mass Dispel.

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