The Kargath Expeditionary Force (K.E.F.[1][2][3]) is a military exploration group based out of the outpost of Kargath in the Badlands of Khaz Modan. Sent by order of Thrall himself — both to reinforce Kargath and to explore the arid region it was located in — the K.E.F. has made excursions through the region, including into the depths of Uldaman, to discover why it was of more than a passing interest to the dwarves. They also dug a pass through to the Searing Gorge to reach Blackrock Mountain (the intent being to confront the false Warchief Rend Blackhand) but inadvertently set loose the Dark Iron dwarves.

Warlord Goretooth sends adventurers to annihilate General Angerforge's men because they are ruthless killers, responsible for the mass murder of the 109th division of the Kargath Expeditionary Force.[4]


Pilt:Kargath Expeditionary Force Group.jpg
Name Location
Orc male Initiate Amakkar Kargath Badlands
Tauren male Galamav the Marksman Kargath Badlands
Orc male Grunt Gargal Kargath Badlands
Orc male Warlord Goretooth Kargath Badlands
Orc male Commander Gor'shak Detention Block Blackrock Depths
Undead female Shadowmage Vivian Lagrave Kargath Badlands
Orc male Lexlort Kargath Badlands
Undead female Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania Kargath Badlands
Orc male High Executioner Nuzrak Kargath Badlands
Troll male Thal'trak Proudtusk Kargath Badlands
Troll male Razal'blade Kargath Badlands
Tauren male Thunderheart Kargath Badlands

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