This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and official bonus maps.
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Campaign: The Invasion of Kalimdor
Place: Coast of The Barrens
Outcome: Orcish Horde Victory

Orcish Horde

Centaur Marauders


Centaur Champion


Landfall is chapter 1 of the orc campaign, The Invasion of Kalimdor.



Chapter One Edit


Following the mysterious Prophet's instructions, Thrall led the Horde across the Great Sea. Now after weeks of traversing the raging seas, the orcish Horde has landed upon the savage shores of Kalimdor. With their stolen ships broken and drowned, the orcs cautionsly venture inland, wary of the unseen dangers lurking within the crags of the desolate land...

Quests Edit

Main Quests Edit

20px Rally the Horde Edit

  • The player starts with this quest
  • Objectives
    • Discover where the other ships have landed
    • Thrall must survive
  • Description
    • The Orcs' ships were separated and broken along the coasts of Kalimdor. You must explore the rocky coastline and reunite your scattered warriors. The Horde must be rallied before it can find its destiny in this new land.

20px Protect Cairne Edit

  • The player receives this quest after meet Cairne Bloodhoof
  • Objectives
    • Follow Cairne to the Tauren village
    • Protect Cairne from his enemies
    • Cairne Bloodhoof must survive
    • Thrall must survive
  • Description
    • Cairne Bloodhoof possesses knowledge of a distant Oracle that might be able to help the horde find its destiny. He must be protected from harm so that you can learn more of the Oracle.

Quotes Edit

Prelude Edit

During game Edit

  • Orc male Grunt - We should check these crates for valuable supplies!

  • Orc male Grunt - This is one of our ships, Warchief. It must have been smashed against the rocks in the storm.

Epilogue Edit