This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Leafshadow is the green shard of the ata'mal crystal. It was held by Restalaan, long-time friend of Velen and captain of the guard in the city of Telmor in Terokkar Forest. This crystal cloaked the city, protecting it from ogres and their gronn masters. Durotan and Orgrim learned of its existence during a childhood trip to the city.RotH 43-44 It was utilized by Durotan - who remembered the necessary words to lower the shielding illusion - to reveal Telmor to his forces, and the orcs proceeded to sack the city.RotH 240 Once in the Horde's possession it was used against the draenei to hide the orcs' assault on Shattrath City until the last possible second.RotH 315 Its whereabouts after the fall of the city are unknown.