Leather can mean a couple of things in World of Warcraft:

  1. A type of skin ingredient item usually gathered with the Skinning profession from a skinnable corpse resource. These items can usually be used directly by the Leatherworking profession without prior processing or treatment.
  2. A type of armor used by the less fragile, but more agile Class characters. Generally better than Cloth armor for defense.
    See Weapons & Armor.

Leather Skin Edit

In this sense, leather is collected by skinning beasts. These items can usually be used directly by the Leatherworking profession without prior processing or treatment. The type of leather is usually directly related to the level of animal being skinned.

Leatherworkers can also combine lighter leathers into heavier ones, even combining ruined leather scraps into usable leathers.

Leather is closely related to Hides, although Hides are rarer and must often be prepared for use.

Basic Leather Edit

There are 11 basic leathers:

NB: It seems the lowest level mob which can be skinned may now be level 5. This needs verification, though experience shows it may be true.

Crafted Leather Edit

Special Leather Edit

The Ruined Leather Scraps which you get when skinning low level mobs are vendor sell items unless you also have Leatherworking, in which case 3 of them can be made into light leather. The frequency of getting these drops off rapidly around 10th level mobs and you will not see anymore of them at all once you are skinning 17th level and above mobs. Note: As of Patch 3.0.3 you do not need the Leatherworking skill to convert 5x Borean Leather Scraps to 1x Borean Leather.

Leather Conversion Edit

Leatherworkers can assemble low-level leathers into higher-level leather.

# Ingredients Product Skill
3 Ruined Leather Scraps Light Leather 1
4 Light Leather Medium Leather 100
5 Medium Leather Heavy Leather 150
6 Heavy Leather Thick Leather 200
6 Thick Leather Rugged Leather 250
5 Knothide Leather Scraps Knothide Leather 300
5 Knothide Leather Heavy Knothide Leather 325
5 Borean Leather Scraps Borean Leather 0
6 Borean Leather Heavy Borean Leather 375
5 Savage Leather Scraps Savage Leather 425
5 Savage Leather Heavy Savage Leather 425

Removed Leathers Edit

Leather Armor Edit

See Leather Armor.

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