This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Li Li's Travel Journal is a series of lore entries on the official site to help introduce the continent of Pandaria.

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Part 1
Part 2
Entry Two: The Dawning Dilemma
Part 3
Entry Three: To Catch a Hozen
Part 4
Entry Four: The Forbidden Forest
Part 5
Entry Five: The Jade Forest
Part 6
Entry Six: The Valley of the Four Winds
Part 7
Entry Seven: The Krasarang Wilds
Part 8
Entry Eight: Kun-Lai Summit
Part 9
Entry Nine: The Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Part 10
Entry Ten: The Townlong Steppes
Part 11
Entry Eleven: The Dread Wastes

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