Light's Vengeance was the hammer used by Arthas Menethil during his life as a paladin.


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Light's Vengeance was an enormous, heavy-looking hammer, its silver head etched with runes and its sturdy haft wrapped in blue leather.[1] It was given to Arthas by Gavinrad the Dire when Arthas completed a ceremony held in the Cathedral of Light and joined the Knights of the Silver Hand.[2]

When he took up Frostmourne, Arthas discarded Light's Vengeance, leaving it in Frostmourne Cavern in the Dragonblight. Players can see a flashback of this scene in the quest A [71] Frostmourne Cavern.

The Sacred and the CorruptEdit

Darion Mograine wants adventurers to collect Light's Vengeance for the quest N [83] The Sacred and the Corrupt. He wishes to create an artifact to rival Frostmourne, and believes only the hammer of Arthas himself will provide a worthy model.[3]

When reforged with saronite, Light's Vengeance is transformed into Shadow's Edge, the unfinished form of Shadowmourne.



In World of Warcraft, Light's Vengeance shares its model with the [Grand Marshal's Battle Hammer].

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