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  • Mageroyal
  • Item Level 10Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 20c
  • Vendor 80c

Mageroyal is an herb that can be gathered by herbalists, or bought in limited quantities from selected vendors. It requires an herbalism skill of at least 50 to gather. Mageroyal seems to be edible, as it is used in the recipe for [Delicious Chocolate Cake]. It is also mentioned in The Worst Mage in Dalaran - A Children's Book, where it is described as "glistening". The last paragraph of this work would seem to imply that mageroyal grows where magical activity has recently occurred, though obviously in the game it spawns in preset nodes.


Pickable zones
Zone Chance
The Barrens 27.4%
Westfall 9.9%
Silverpine Forest 9.2%
Darkshore 9.1%
Loch Modan 8.2%
Wetlands 8.1%
Redridge Mountains 7.3%
Duskwood 4.6%
Stonetalon Mountains 3.1%
Ashenvale 2.9%
Teldrassil 2.8%
Hillsbrad Foothills 2.6%
Wailing Caverns 2.2%
Durotar 1.5%
Ghostlands 1.0%

Mageroyal can be found on plains in low-level zones. Sometimes, players may find [Swiftthistle] while picking Mageroyal. It is also sold in limited supply by vendors, and is a reward from the Alchemy quest A [8] Elixirs for the Bladeleafs. Occasionally, Mageroyal will even be dropped as loot from low-level monsters.

As an ingredientEdit

Mageroyal is used in the following recipes:



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