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Race race::Dragonman (Dragonkin)
Level NPC level::?? Boss
Health 24.74M (10-man)
86.6M (25-man)
Location Fleshrender's Workshop, Blackwing Descent
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Maloriak is a boss of Blackwing Descent raid instance.


He was once a skilled young alchemist, until being transformed into a dragonman by the son of Deathwing. He retains much of his former intelligence but little of his former personality.


The Maloriak encounter switches between several sets of abilities depending on which vial Maloriak throws into the Cauldron. There is a pattern to his vials, every third vial will be a Green one. He will randomly choose between Red and Blue for the first two, then the sequence resets. Each Vial lasts 40 seconds, after which Maloriak will cast a new one.

There are 18 Aberrations in total, one strategy is to kill the Aberrations while they have Debilitating Slime. There other is to interrupt every Release cast and 'zerg' the boss at 25% ignoring the aberration entirely.

All phases

  • 32px  [Arcane Storm]ω ϖ—Deals 14137 to 15862 Arcane damage per second to all enemies within 50,000 yards. Lasts 6 sec.
  • 32px  [Release Aberrations]ω ϖ—Releases 3 Aberrations from their growth chambers, causing them to attack all enemies in the area.

Red Vial - Mix and stir! Apply heat!

  • 32px  [Consuming Flames]ω ϖ—Ignites a random target in flames, dealing 9000 Fire damage per second. Any additional magic damage taken by the target increases the damage dealt by this effect by 25% of the damage taken. Lasts 10 sec.
  • 32px  [Scorching Blast]ω ϖ—Deals 750000 Fire damage, split among all targets in a cone up to 60 yards in front of the caster.

Blue Vial - How well does the mortal shell handle extreme temperature change? Must find out! For Science!

  • 32px  [Biting Chill]ω ϖ—Surrounds a random player target with a ring of frost which deals 7500 Frost damage per second to the target and any friends of the target within 8 yards. Lasts 10 sec.
  • 32px  [Flash Freeze]ω ϖ—Causes an area around a random target to become suddenly freezing cold, dealing 47125 to 52875 Frost damage to all targets within 10 yards of the target and encasing them in solid ice for 30 sec. When the ice is broken, the targets are released but the breaking ice deals an additional 47125 to 52875 Frost damage to all targets 10 yards around that target, breaking all ice in that area as well.

Green Vial - This one's a little unstable! But what's progress without failure?

  • 32px  [Remedy]ω ϖ—Heals the caster for 150000 health and generates 2000 mana per second. The amount healed by this effect increases by 150000 per second. Lasts 10 sec. Magic dispellable.
  • 32px  [Debilitating Slime]ω ϖ—Slime sprays out from the cauldron, coating every unit (players and enemies!) in the room. The slime increases all damage taken by 100% and suppresses any Growth Catalysts on the target, causing it be removed temporarily. Lasts 15 sec.

25% Health - When pushed to the edge, results may become unpredictable!

  • 32px  [Release All]ω ϖ—Releases all remaining Aberrations from their growth chambers. In addition, releases the two Prime Subjects from their growth chambers.
  • 32px  [Magma Jets]ω ϖ—Releases a stream of small fire fissures towards a random enemy. These fissures deal 23562 to 26437 Fire damage to all enemies within 0 yards. In addition, the fissures leave behind a persistent burning effect which deals 4713 to 5287 Fire damage to all nearby enemies.
  • 32px  [Absolute Zero]ω ϖ—Summons a sphere of sub-freezing energy near a random target. If this sphere comes within 6 yards of an enemy, it will explode, dealing 18850 to 21150 Frost damage to all enemies within 6 yards, knocking them back.
  • 32px  [Acid Nova]ω ϖ—Deals 5000 Nature damage per second to all enemies for 10 sec.


  • 32px  [Growth Catalyst]ω ϖ—Increases nearby allies' damage dealt by 20% and reduces damage they take by 20%. Affects all allies within 10 yards.

Prime Subjects

  • 32px  [Growth Catalyst]ω ϖ—Increases nearby allies' damage dealt by 20% and reduces damage they take by 20%. Affects all allies within 10 yards.
  • 32px  [Fixate]ω ϖ—Fixated on a target. Immune to taunt. Lasts 10 seconds.


The Maloriak encounter has some rather unusual mechanics. Maloriak switches between several sets of abilities depending on which vial he throws into the Cauldron. There is a pattern to his vials, with every third vial being a Green one, and the two before it are either Red then Blue, or Blue then Red. Each Vial lasts 40 seconds, after which Maloriak will cast a new one. Maloriak also has adds that he summons in packs of 3 with an interruptable cast twice every Red or Blue Vial phase.

There is a limited amount of adds Maloriak can summon; 18 Aberrations and 2 Prime Subjects, which he will only summon in her final phase from 25% to 0. Because of the adds' Growth Catalyst ability, they need to be tanked away from Maloriak, so he won`t get the buff as well. By the time 9 adds are up, they will be dealing tank-killing damage, which can only be survived by a) popping cooldowns, b) kiting, or c) having a third tank pick up a couple of adds.

The Red Vial gives him a flame breath. Unlike other flame breaths, that you want to stay out of, this one does shared damage to everyone in the breath, meaning that if only the tank is in the breath, they will get one-shotted. So, when Maloriak throws a Red vial into the cauldron, everyone but the off-tank(s) should stack up in front of him.

The Blue Vial gives him a spell which randomly freezes a random member of the raid and everyone within 10 yards of that person in an iceblock with 5k hp. One player, preferably a fire mage (for fire blast) should be assigned to breaking these immediately. The raid should spread out for this phase.

The Green Vial wipes the Growth Catalyst buff given by the adds, and puts a debuff on everyone including both adds and players increasing damage taken by 100%. During this phase all dps should be focused on aoeing the adds down before the green phase is over, as he/she will immediately follow up the green phase with an add summon.

Throughout the fight he will also randomly start to channel Arcane Storms, which must be interrupted, so as to mitigate raid damage. When he reaches 25%, he will release all remaining adds (hopefully only the two Prime Subjects, or you will likely wipe) and enter a Soft Enrage-like phase, where he deals more damage, summons void zones of fire in a line in front of him, ice orbs that will explode if dpsed down or if they reach a player, and does high raid damage through Acid Storm. Pop all cooldowns, and nuke him through that last phase as quickly as humanly possible.

The main mechanic of the fight is actually the adds, because of their absurd damage. There are a number of ways to deal with this:

  1. Interrupt one cast of Release Aberrations, and let the off-tank pop all cooldowns when 9 adds arrive.
  2. Interrupt one cast of Release Aberrations, and have dps use kiting abilities such as Blast Wave, Ring of Frost, Earthbind Totem, and Frost Trap.
  3. Interrupt no casts of Release Aberrations, and split adds between two off-tanks, instead of one.
  4. Interrupt the second cast of Release Aberrations, and single-target dps the first set of three adds down before the third cast.

Maloriak has a 7-minute enrage timer on normal. To beat this fight, you will have to face two sets of three phases (Red/Blue, Green, Blue/Red, Green). DPS has to be careful, as you don't want to push him to 25% until the second Green Vial is thrown in the cauldron, or you'll likely wipe due to not being able to take down your remaining Aberrations.

Heroic Mode ChangesEdit

Maloriak Heroic Mode undergoes a couple of changes. First of all, he gains an additional phase called the Dark Phase in which Nefarian will throw a dark potion into the cauldron. During this phase, several slime adds called "Vile Swill" will spawn and must be killed. Each slime can cast an ability called dark sludge which puts a dark puddle on the ground under one raid memember dealing damage to anyone that stands in it. This "dark phase" lasts for 90 seconds before Maloriak goes back into his normal Red/Blue/Green Phases and ideally the slimes need to be dead before it happens. He also casts a shadow breath at the main tank that reduces healing done to the tank by 100% and tank healers need to heal when the breath is not happening.

Arcane Storm hits considerably harder - ~50k per tick before resistance/other mitigation. One tick at any point during the fight will most likely be a wipe, so the designated interrupters must be on top of things. He does not cast Arcane Storm (or Release Aberrations) during the dark phase.

The frost tombs during the blue phase hit considerably harder - whoever is tombed will need to be close to 100% before the tomb is broken or else they will most likely die.

The Aberrations also have more life requiring higher AOE dps to kill during green phases. They also hit considerably harder.

Due to the addition of the "Dark Phase" Maloriak's enrage timer is increased to 12 minutes but you are still required to push him into his sub 25% phase after 2 green phases. During the last 25%, his aoe dot and frostbombs hit considerably harder, and he will cast Magma Jets much more frequently than normal - roughly every 1–2 seconds.


Normal Mode

Heroic Mode



  • There can be no disruptions! Mustn't keep the master waiting, mustn't fail again!

Red Vial

  • Mix and stir! Apply heat!

Blue Vial

  • How well does the mortal shell handle extreme temperature change? Must find out! For Science!

Green Vial

  • This ones a little unstable! But what's progress without failure?

20% HP

  • When pushed to the edge, results may become unpredictable!

Killing a Player

  • Nothing goes to waste!
  • Strip the flesh, harvest the organs!


  • There will never be another like me...
  • Lord Victor Nefarius yells: Congratulations! Allow me to grant you a title befitting the amazing achievement you just performed! Henceforth, you shall be known as the Slayer of Incompetent, Stupid and Disappointing Minions!


10-man HeroicEdit

10-Man NormalEdit

25-Man NormalEdit

25-Man HeroicEdit

Patch changesEdit

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.6 (patch date::8-Feb-2011):
    • Maloriak's Magma Jets correctly have a cast time.
    • The effect of Maloriak's spell Consuming Flames should no longer be inconsistent with its combat log tooltip.
    • Maloriak will no longer interrupt himself when speaking during transition phases.
    • Increased the cast time of Release Aberrations.
    • Heroic: Decreased the health of the Vile Swill by 15%.
    • Heroic: Dark Sludge can now only target players. 
  • Pilt:WoW Icon 16x16.gif Hotfix (2011-02-14):
    • Maloriak's Aberrations should correctly spawn even if Vile Swills are still alive from the previous phase.
  • Pilt:WoW Icon 16x16.gif Hotfix (2011-01-26):
    • Maloriak will no longer be interrupted while casting Release All Minions.
    • Maloriak's enrage timer was inconsistent between difficulties and has been updated. It is now 7 minutes for normal difficulty and 12 minutes for Heroic difficulty.
    • Aberrations spawned during the Maloriak encounter were displaying inappropriately high health values on Heroic difficulty. This has been corrected.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (patch date::2010-11-23): Added. 

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