This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and official bonus maps.
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Conflict: Curse of the Blood Elves
Place: Lordamere Lake, Dalaran
Outcome: Alliance victory


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Misconceptions is chapter 1 of Curse of the Blood Elves. It was a large engagement waged between the crumbling Alliance, under the command of Grand Marshal Garithos, and the Scourge for control of the ruined city of Dalaran.


The Blood Elves, having aided the Night Elves to bring Illidan to justice whilst the Demon Hunter sheltered within the ruins, were already stationed in Dalaran when Garithos summoned their leader, Prince Kael'thas. Garithos informed Kael of a large Scourge army approaching the city. The Undead had split their forces, attacking the city from the mountains to the south whilst a second army got into position to the east. Garithos rallied his men to meet the Scourge to the south, whilst assigning Kael and his Blood Elves the humiliating task of repairing the Arcane Observatories within the city, to spy upon the Undead movements to the east.

The BattleEdit

Kael began the repairs of the first Observatory, he fought his way through Dalaran where he had to defeat mutants, bandits, dark and renegade wizards, and Burning Legion spawn. Kael remembered that he had buried four treasures in that area, so he defeated some dark wizards and bandits and claimed his treasure. When he reached the goblin shipyard for ships, however, he found that some ghouls had destroyed the shipyard but was aided in crossing Lordamere Lake outside Dalaran by Lady Vashj and her Naga, who, sensing kindred spirits, had been watching the Blood Elves' affairs. Finally Kael reached the island and secured a gold mine killing some crabs, then he vanquished a small Undead vanguard to the west of the island and some forest trolls to the north claiming a goblin shipyard and a goblin merchant. He repaired the Observatory of the island and sailed away to his next destination. He searched the rest of the hidden treasures, one was warded by ogres, and completed the repairs of the third Observatory that was warded by gnolls. In a lull in the fighting to the west, Garithos reappeared and warned Kael against consorting with the Naga, whom he considered "inhuman".


them clearly enough. Move out!"

Kael'thas finds the undead destroying the shipyard.
First observatory repaired.
Second observatory repaired.
Optional Quest.
Final observatory repaired.